Hounslow launches Community Hub

Hounslow Council has launched its Community Support Hub to match the army of people locally who are willing to do something to help with the most isolated and vulnerable individuals who need support.

“The Hounslow Community Hub is here to harness that fantastic community spirit, connect people with each other and ensure food, medical supplies and other support reaches those most in need” says Steve Curran.

“Thank you for wanting to help out – it’s through generous people, businesses and organisations like you that we’ll make sure Hounslow’s most vulnerable are looked after”.

To volunteer to help, fill out the online form here.

Who is the Hub for?

If you or someone you know has been contacted by the NHS as being classed as at serious risk, please contact the Community Hub and the Council will support you – call 020 7084 9697 or email Hub@hounslow.gov.uk. They are also reaching out to these people themselves, as the NHS updates them on who they are.

Please also contact the Hub if you or someone you know are isolated and vulnerable and have no other support, and you’re not sure if the NHS has been in contact.