Liberal Democrats Manifesto


Fight to Stop Brexit and support our local EU Citizens

  • Vote Liberal Democrat in May to send a message to the Conservative Government and Labour’s non-opposition, that Chiswick residents don’t support a hard Tory Brexit. The Liberal Democrats are the only national party campaigning for an #ExitfromBrexit with a referendum on the final Brexit deal, giving us the option to stop Brexit and remain in the EU.
  • Vote Liberal Democrat to show you support the EU nationals who live and work here. Liberal Democrats back our EU citizens’ right to stay, work, love and build a future in the UK. The Conservatives have used them as bargaining chips.
  • We will campaign for a proper, specialised council support service to help EU citizens to understand their rights and navigate the purposely difficult UK Citizenship application process.

No Third Runway

The Conservatives back a third runway at Heathrow. Labour is divided and non-committal, and won’t fight against a third runway. The Liberal Democrats are the only major party united in opposing a third runway or expansion at Heathrow. Chiswick voters can’t trust the Conservatives on Heathrow, but the Chiswick Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign with others to stop Heathrow expansion. Better doesn’t have to be bigger.

Reduce Pollution

Liberal Democrats have a plan to make Chiswick a healthier place for all. We will:

  • Get the A4 through Chiswick included in the Ultra Low Emission zone, reducing pollution and improving the health of Chiswick residents. See our campaign here.
  • Install a green barrier on the A4 to reduce car pollution impact for the residents and schools near the A4.
  • Implement traffic light synchronisation to reduce stop / start traffic on the High Road (the biggest impact on pollution levels) and look at reducing the speed limit.
  • As councillors we will take advantage of existing funds for green spaces (like Green Capital) and embrace green initiatives like the All London Green Grid and TfL best practice to make the case for these improvements. Hounslow Council has failed to address the increasing amount of harmful pollution from the A4. We therefore promise to produce transparent indexes based on TfL’s own Healthy Street Indicators to hold the Council and TfL to account.

Improve Public Transport

Liberal Democrats for Tube Users
Together with Caroline Pidgeon, our Liberal Democrat in the GLA, we will continue to pressure TfL to make the Piccadilly Line stop at Turnham Green.

Liberal Democrats for Bus Users
The Labour Mayor of London is cutting bus services everywhere. Liberal Democrats will fight any proposed cuts to essential bus services in Chiswick.

Liberal Democrats for Cyclists and Pedestrians
We support better facilities for both cyclists and pedestrians, and will work to ensure the CS9 cyclesuperhighway improves access and facilities for everyone in Chiswick – pedestrians, users of public transport, and cyclists. Read more about our assessment criteria for CS9 here.

Improve parks and community spaces

We support the protection of Chiswick’s green spaces and parks, which are an essential part of what makes Chiswick such an enjoyable place to live and work. As councillors we will work with local groups to improve accessibility and park facilities in Chiswick.

Dukes Meadow
We support the Dukes Meadows Trust 3 pledges (read more here). Paths and other public areas there need to be upgraded (with assistance if necessary from the Hounslow Community Infrastructure Levy). The Council and Lampton360 also need to work more transparently with the Trust, clubs and organisations to manage and maintain Dukes Meadows to a high standard.

Chiswick Back Common
We want to see improvement to lighting and facilities in Chiswick Back Common.

Fight Crime

Chiswick Liberal Democrats and Ealing Liberal Democrat Councillors are working together to campaign against the closure of Chiswick Police Station by the Labour Mayor of London. We firmly believe in the importance of community policing and will fight to retain the same level of police presence in Chiswick.


Liberal Democrats Hounslow Manifesto: