Hounslow to “get tough” on motorists

Image above: squashed planter on Turnham Green Terrace

Keith Richards wrote last week about the ‘mess’ that is Turnham Green Terrace, where confusion reigns over unclear signage, tin planters and ugly plastic bollards scattered about.

Supposedly they demarcate the areas where pedestrians can walk in a safely socially distanced fashion and where drivers can no longer park, but the trouble is, drivers have just been moving them out the way, leaving them all over the road and in this case, squashed.

I wondered if the ruined planter was an expression of contempt for the council’s plans, but apparently not, just a lorry driver who didn’t see it because it was too low down.

Hounslow Council is becoming irritated with the lack of compliance by Chiswickians and councillors are getting frustrated with the lack of enforcement.

“I’m quite surprised a the way people are behaving by moving the small planters” Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport, told The Chiswick Calendar.

“If people keep moving them, we’ll have to put in something else. We will have to come down much, much harder. It’s alarming that people have moved the plant blocks to park”.

He is planning to introduce fines – penalty charge notices policed by mobile cameras mounted on top of enforcement cars.

“People will know when it’s in force because they will get a ticket” he said.

Better signs needed

He admits the signage could be improved and promises that existing signs will be replaced by something more obvious and clear in its instruction. At the moment the sign is a red circle around a picture of a car and a motorbike with the wording ‘Except for (disabled icon) and for access’.

It doesn’t explain what ‘access’ (stopping for 20 minutes to load and unload) might entail and many motorists don’t realise Turnham Green Terrace is no longer supposed to be a through route.

“We’re working round the clock to implement 40 measures” he told us (throughout the borough of Hounslow).

“Our aspirations for the borough is to implement what Grant Shapps has been asking us to do. I think it’s a really good way forward”.

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