How do you know the Fuller’s griffin is female?

Answer to The Chiswick Calendar Freebie question from Tuesday 18 July

Last week we offered a free case of Fuller’s beers – the ’Classic Collection’ – as our Chiswick Calendar giveaway, to the first person to email us with the correct answer a Fuller’s related question.

This was the question:

In the picture of the brewery logo above, how can you tell the griffin is female?

We had some interesting answers.

Allen Cousens suggested the griffin was female because: ‘she has got her claw on the barrel thus preventing the male griffins from drinking it’.

Jenny de Montfort was thinking along the same lines:

‘Think the griffin must be female as she displays having clear control of the barrel and not guzzling the contents!’

Several people thought it had to do with the mane around her neck – that a male griffin would have a bigger mane.

There were a few other suggestions, some predictably lewd, but most people sent us the right answer – you can tell the griffin is female because she had wings.

Images above: Heraldic images of male griffins

The griffin, majestic creatures portrayed in medieval times as a symbol of power, has the body and back legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, with talons on its front feet.

In British heraldry, a male griffin is shown without wings, its body covered in spikes, while the female griffin has wings.

Since classical antiquity, griffins were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions.

Images above: Heraldic images of female griffins

Darius Panahy is our winner. He now has to nip into the brewery shop to claim his prize while the griffin’s back is turned.

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