How to set goals for a healthier lifestyle

Guest blog by Vojin Soskic

As a personal trainer and gym manager at The Hogarth I have seen a wide variety of people in our club. The one thing they all have in common is they will need to commit regularly to exercise if they are to succeed in leading a healthier life.

The irony is this blog should have been done a few weeks ago but like all those would be exercisers this would be writer got distracted away from the goal, so I know the feeling!

Get moving

The most important thing is to get moving and aim to do more today than you did yesterday.
Do not put it off just get something, anything, done. Even walking an extra 10 minutes is a great start and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve once you get going and will feel better for having done so.

Why a trainer can help

Members of the Hogarth can have an hour’s help each month from one of our trainers as part of their membership to help stay motivated and make sure they are using the gym equipment effectively. All of our trainers at The Hogarth have diverse and unique backgrounds but we all want to help you improve.
The key is not for you to train like us, we are all different. It is vital that your trainer understands what suits you best. Some of our clients need more carrot and others more stick. The number one quality of a good trainer is empathy and understanding the individual before them.

Set Goals

So what is the most common training goal? Of course, it is weight loss.
Is there a quick fix? No. Long term success will be formed by better habits in the short and medium term. Exercise will play a crucial part but without good nutrition it is like trying to run with a parachute.

Many of you will know the answers and can figure out what you should eat or drink. In some cases it is increasing intake (e.g. vegetables) and other times decreasing (e.g. alcohol). Once you have established that, talk about the barriers that can get in the way and come up with strategies to overcome them.

Make a Plan

Ultimately you will need a plan. Commit to this and you will get results. A trainer can be there to overlook it and support you along the way. The trainer’s power predominately lies in session.
Being there. First and foremost. Never underestimate the power of having booked a session. You are far more likely to come in and train if there is someone else waiting for you. Once there the expertise and motivation should shine through but that commitment is key.

Take Ownership of your success

Then we can make sure you enjoy your training too. Some of you reading will be sceptical but it should be fun to train. If it is something you will do for a long time, figuring out how you will enjoy it is imperative for us.

Our biggest weakness as trainers is we cannot control what you do away from our sessions. This is where you have to take ownership of your diet. We will help, we will advise, we will support but the ball is in your court to execute it.

Get ready, get set, and go!

Here is a task you can start today. Over the next week write down everything you consume. Not only will it be a question of what you eat but when you eat and why you eat. Once you’ve answered the what, when and why you can come up with better strategies to make a difference with a balanced and healthy diet.

Now that I have finally finished this blog I am really glad I started it. Progress is power!
Come and check us out at The Hogarth Club and we’ll help get you started towards a healthier lifestyle.

Vojin Soskic is the Health and Fitness Manager at The Hogarth Club