Hugh Bredin – Obituary

Images above: Hogarth’s house; Reeds & Dunes, West Wittering, West Sussex; Chiswick House in snow; Fishing Boat, Thalassa, Sri Lanka; house on Goldhawk Road; Hugh Bredin

Chiswick artist Hugh Bredin dies

After a career in advertising and publishing, with a sideline in cartooning (he was published in Punch and Private Eye), Hugh became a watercolourist in retirement. Since 2008 he showed his work in galleries and exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society.

Hugh Bredin

He was a member of Artists At Home for many years, opening his home in Grove Park to visitors, to come and see his work, and he took part in several of The Chiswick Calendar’s art exhibitions at the Clayton Hotel Chiswick, since 2018. He was always very charming and quite humble about his talent.

He enjoyed drawing all his life. The first piece of art he was ever paid for was a drawing of his school cricket match, aged 13. While he worked in advertising he sold cartoons to corporate magazines.

Images above: The Temple at Chiswick House; the Conservatory and the Inigo Jones gate; Hugh Bredin

In Chiswick he was known best for his beautiful watercolours of local scenes, but when you went to see his work over Artists At Home weekend in June, he also had on display many paintings of Mediterranean scenes in bright, summer colours.

“I tend to fall in love with places” he said, “I get obsessive about places. One of the local places I became obsessed with is the Classic Bridge in Chiswick House grounds, which I’ve painted several times, and sometimes I walk past houses and think ‘within the next few days I must do a picture of that, there’s something absolutely fascinating about it’.”

He said he always enjoyed doing Artists At Home because:

“You get to meet some very charming people who you probably wouldn’t otherwise come across.”

He also enjoyed “playing hookey” and going round and seeing the work of other artists during Artists At Home weekends.

Images above: Hogarth’s house; Tree in Grove Park; Blossom on Staveley Rd; Strand on the Green; Chiswick street in autumn; Hugh Bredin

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