Humanitarian aid statue proposed for Gunnersbury Park

Image above: Gunnersbury Park statue visualisation; Photograph via Gunnersbury Park

Tribute to the sacrifices and achievements of humanitarian workers

Gunnersbury Park is considering a proposal to build a memorial sculpture to honour Humanitarian Aid. The sculpture would pay tribute to the sacrifices and achievements of humanitarian workers. The management of the park is actively seeking input from the community to gauge support for proposal.

The idea of establishing the first permanent memorial for humanitarian workers has garnered positive feedback from both Hounslow and Ealing Councils. The proposed memorial is located close to the Round Pond.

London-born artist Michael Landy, known for his thought-provoking works such as Breakdown in 2001 and Acts of Kindness in 2011, has been commissioned for the project. Collaborating with the Committee and CAS*C, Landy has developed a design that aims to create an “immersive experience”, inviting visitors to interact and engage with the artwork. If approved, this will be Landy’s first publicly sited work.

Image above: A rendering of the memorial site; Photograph via Gunnersbury Park

Gunnersbury Park hopes to host Humanitarian Day after memorial installed

Gunnersbury Park envisions not only the installation of the memorial sculpture but also hosting the annual World Humanitarian Day memorial event, previously held at Westminster Abbey. By relocating the event to Gunnersbury Park, the park hopes to foster a series of linked events and outreach programs that promote the messages of humanitarian work and encourage local residents to learn more about this vital cause.

Previous proposals for the sculpture’s placement at Kenwood and Manchester were not successful, leading to Gunnersbury Park emerging as the favoured site. To gather feedback and ensure community involvement, Gunnersbury Park Museum organised a consultation meeting on Saturday (24 June) from 2.00pm to 3.00pm giving residents chance to discuss and share their perspectives on the proposed memorial.

Gunnersbury Park told The Chiswick Calendar resident’s feedback was still being compiled and over the coming month they will continue to consult with residents to ensure the proposal aligns with the wishes of the community.

To take part in Gunnersbury Park’s consultation questionnaire click here.