Hundreds of parking bays in Chiswick to be for electric vehicles only

Image above: Hounslow Highways convert a parking pay to EV only; via Facebook

Non-EV motorists parking in the newly designated bays may be fined

Hounslow Council has began work on converting parking bays in Chiswick into spaces solely for charging electric vehicles – with up to 400 bays set to be repurposed for restricted use.

Work started to convert bays on 18 March and several bays have already been repurposed. Before the work starts, the Council will be placing cones at locations where the bays are to be marked and installing temporary signage saying the parking provision is suspended whilst the works take place.

Initially, 195 bays will be converted across the three wards of Chiswick governed by LB Hounslow. These spaces will be next to chargers which are built into lampposts. Changes to bay markings are already underway across the borough, but the majority of the newly designated bays (75%) will be in Chiswick.

The Council say the high proportion is because demand for electric vehicle charging points has traditionally always been highest in Chiswick, so more charging points are required.

Simultaneously, the Council is planning to roll out an additional 1,000 charge points across the borough, with many to be installed before the end of summer. The objective is to ensure that anyone without access to off-street parking is within a one minute walk of a charge point.

By spring 2026 the target is to reduce this further to just 30 seconds with 395 dedicated bays next to lampposts plus 39 fast charging points and two charging hubs in Chiswick wards.

The changes are being enabled under an Experimental Traffic Management Order (ETMO) which will start a trial period of 6-18 months, after which the impact of the changes will be assessed.

Most of the bays being introduced in the first phase will be in Controlled Parking Zones and, during the hours of operation of the zone, only resident permit holders will be allowed to charge their vehicle.

Any vehicle parked in a bay but not charging, including electric vehicles, could be fined.

You can check where the nearest EV charging point is on LB Hounslow’s website at