Installation of bus gate sparks criticism

28 September, 2020 / by Matt Smith

A ‘bus gate’ has been installed on Chiswick High Road, which has sparked criticism from local residents.

Bus gates are signposted stretches of road, along which use is restricted to public transport and (where specified) taxis and other vehicles. They are usually introduced in areas where it would be inappropriate for a high volume of through traffic, such as residential areas.

Several people queried the new installation on social media, with @SabelPharmacy complaining that “The buses aren’t using the bus gate. I don’t understand the purpose of it”.

‘Complete nightmare’

In discussions on social media, Alison Cox said:

“The traffic in Chiswick is currently a complete nightmare due to Hounslow’s complete lack of joined up planning. They have put in a bus gate before one of the few roads left where you can go to turn north from the High Road. The traffic was building up at 7:30 this morning!”

Paul Robertson said: “That Give Way is an ambitious presumption of goodwill on the part of any motorist that’s just taken 45 minutes to get from the roundabout to Acton Lane. ‘Merge? Sure, go ahead of me.'”

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