Introducing KM Music School

KM Music School is a brand-new specialist piano and singing school in Chiswick. Already offering trial lessons over the summer, the school opens fully in September. They will offer a range of classes and tutoring and a variety of genres. Whether you’re interested in classical music, rock, pop or musicals, now’s your chance to learn.

Kitty Man, namesake and director, says KM Music School will offer classes in music and performing, as well as offering training to music teachers, performers and composers. Each programme is tailored specifically to meet each individual’s needs and requirements so it doesn’t matter if you’re an up-and-coming Broadway star or have never sung a note in your life. KM Music School are part of The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme, so members can get a fabulous 50% off summer trials lessons and an exclusive 10% off your first booking from September, so whether you’re just looking to test the waters of the performing world, or sell out the Royal Albert Hall, there’s never been a better time to start.

The school caters for all ages from five upwards. “There’s no turning anyone away, everyone is welcome” Kitty told me. “There’s an adult who’s 60 years old who has just signed up for our classes who wants to start learning now which is amazing”.

It’s not just singing and performance classes that will be taught by KM, the school will also be providing mentoring for performers, composers and music teachers – areas Kitty says are surprisingly neglected.

She explained that it’s near-impossible to find schools and classes which offer mentoring in these areas, telling me that it’s a service that the majority of schools overlook or simply just don’t offer. “All the teachers I’ve been speaking to wish they had that element to their learning when they went to music school” she said.

Kitty’s enthusiasm makes it clear to see just how passionate she is about her new business venture – after all it has been a lifelong dream. She has always had a love for music and is an expert in violin and piano herself – the latter she started playing when she was just five years old!

Photographs above: left – Kitty Man

Kitty first turned to teaching at the age of 18, teaching piano to her next-door neighbour and she was quickly in great demand but put the teaching on the back burner when she went off to study Music at university.

After graduating from City University, Kitty briefly went into accounting but quickly found she couldn’t keep herself away from the music world. She began working for industry giant Universal Music at their office on Chiswick High Road, dealing specifically with publishing and royalties. From there she went on to work for Fintage House and Kobolt Music Group, before finally coming back to teaching.

It wasn’t until January of this year, after meeting with a business coach, that Kitty finally began pursuing her life-long dream of opening her very own music school.

“It took me this long just to be brave enough to do it. Once I started working with this coach it completely changed everything because she took my idea and made it into small manageable chunks”.

The timing also lined up perfectly, with the launch happening in summer, ready for the new term which starts in September. Kitty has already had a huge amount of interest.

Photographs above: left – Evelyn, right – Gabriela

Initially, she will be working with two other teachers who seem just as passionate as she is.

“I wanted to get young teachers onboard with the business, people who will bring something new. There’s a focus on fresh ideas and I wanted to hire people who can come to me and say oh I’ve got this wonderful idea can we bring it into the business and both of the two teachers that I’ve got at the moment have those ideas. They obviously have great performing and teaching backgrounds but they’re fresh on ideas too. I don’t want it to be this old-fashioned company where there’s nothing new to bring”

Joining Kitty will be primary singing teacher, Gabriela, and Evelyn who teaches piano and contemporary singing. As well as specialising in piano and singing, Evelyn also teaches song-writing and composition, whilst Gabriela specialises in teaching vocal techniques and covers a wide variety of genres, with jazz being her forte. Kitty wanted to make sure she had teachers who covered a range of styles and disciplines and says she is already looking to expand this even further by hiring specialists in punk and rock.

Photographs above: left – Evelyn, right – Gabriela

“Joining KM is an investment but I guarantee it’s worth it” says Kitty. “We are something completely different and what we offer, specifically the mentoring programmes, will be tailored to that individual. Our teachers are highly experienced – they’ve all been learning from a young age and have degrees and diplomas in both music and performing. They are both still performing so they never stop learning themselves. They can cater for literally everyone from people who don’t want to do exams, to people who want to take it seriously and make it to the top – they’ve got all that.”

KM Music School will be holding classes at Wellington Place, Dolman Road, W4 5PS. If you’re interested in booking, drop Kitty an email at

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