Is Chiswick in the middle of a drug war?

Images above: Burnt out car in Rugby Rd, W4, 12 March 2020

A car exploded in the early hours of Monday morning in Elmwood Rd, a quiet residential street south of the A4. Residents were shocked. Having a car explode in the middle of the night is not an everyday occurrence. But it was not a one-off occurrence.

There has been a spate of cars mysteriously exploding at about 3.00am. Four over the past two and a half months. Why? There is speculation amongst local residents that Chiswick is caught up in a battle over territory by drug gangs.

The first that The Chiswick Calendar is aware of, was in Rugby Rd, three roads east of Southfields Playing Fields. The car exploded at 3.30am on 12 March. The next was in Carlton Rd, directly to the south of the playing fields, in April. The third was in Clovelly Rd, a turning off Carlton Rd, on 4 May, also in the middle of the night around 3.00am, in the same location where there have been shots fired in the street twice before.

Image above: Car burnt out in Clovelly Rd, 4 May 2020

The fourth was in Elmwood Rd, south of the A4, on Monday 17 May at 3.30am.

“There’s a lot of drug dealing in this area” one Elmwood Rd resident told The Chiswick Calendar. “It’s quite likely someone was being warned off this patch”.

“It’s clear it was arson” said another. “Cars don’t just spontaneously explode in the middle of the night”.

Another said they had seen someone on a moped not long before the car erupted in flames. The fire brigade were there very quickly and put the flames out very efficiently, but not before the garden fence behind had gone up in flames. The police were called but did not attend. Residents were told the police had been “too busy” to come.


Images above: Burnt out car in Elmwood Rd, 17 May 2020

Like toilet rolls and flour, apparently there have been shortages of illegal drugs.

‘We are a net importer of drugs like cocaine and heroin, so when borders are shut moving drugs becomes more difficult. But even drugs like cannabis or ecstasy which can be produced in the UK face other threats to trade’ wrote Ian Hamilton in the Independent on 24 March.

As with any other commodity, once there’s a shortage the price goes up.

We’d love to get some input on this from the Metropolitan Police. The Chiswick Calendar contacted local police four days ago to ask about the fires, but we have have had no response.

Images above: Burnt out car in Elmwood Rd, 17 May 2020

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