Jeremy Vine back on his bike – six days after being knocked unconscious

Television presenter and Chiswick resident Jeremy Vine has been back on his penny farthing bicycle this weekend (19 February), six days after an accident which knocked him unconscious.

The TV and radio host was riding his old fashioned penny farthing style bicycle when he was thrown off the bike and knocked out after slamming his head on the ground.

Jeremy admitted earlier last week he was having second thoughts about using vintage bikes after the impact shattered his glasses and put him in A&E. Speaking about the accident on his  morning TV show, he said:

“I didn’t see the divot, my front wheel went into it and I went over the handlebars and landed on my head.”

Image above: Jeremy’s injuries 

On Friday he posted a video of him riding the bike again, adding:

“Six days after my accident I was back on my penny farthing today. Perfectly safe ride, nothing untoward. Confidence coming back, but I won’t ever go on grass again. Thanks for all the kind messages.”

A picture of Jeremy’s bruised eye was also revealed on the Channel 5 current affairs show. In an interview with The Chiswick Calendar in January 2021, he admitted the penny farthing can be a difficult bike to control.

“The one thing is, there aren’t really any brakes so you need to step off it to stop. You need to go very slowly and predict lights and stuff, you’ve got to work out when lights are changing and be prepared to dismount” he said.

Spiteful comments on social media

Some local residents who are opposed to traffic restrictions and cycle infrastructure in Chiswick seemed to relish in the presenter’s unfortunate accident in comments online. One said:

“It couldn’t have happened to a nastier person”.

Jeremy, who promotes cycling in his social media and is engaged in a war of attrition with opponents of safe cycling routes, responded on Twitter by saying:

“The worst part of falling off a Penny Farthing in West London is that it triggers a volcanic reaction from people on Chiswick’s anti-cycling Facebook page. There are no more than half a dozen who spend all their waking hours attacking people on bikes. Claire Moran for example”

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