Jeremy Vine films London bus near-miss with Jason Donovan

Image above: Screenshot posted by Jeremy Vine of the near-miss on Twitter

Neighbours star filmed as bus drives dangerously close 

Neighbours star Jason Donovan, known for his role as Scott Robinson in the popular Australian soap opera, recently had a heart-pounding near-miss with a London bus while cycling in the city. The incident was captured on camera and shared on social media by Chiswick resident and renowned broadcaster, Jeremy Vine.

In a heart-stopping video clip posted by Jeremy, the pair are seen engaging in a casual exchange while waiting at traffic lights on the bustling streets of Oxford Street. In the clip, Jason Donovan is seen removing his earphones and exclaiming, “Is that you, Jeremy?” to which Vine responds, “Jason, it’s you.”

The two continue their conversation and Jason moves forward when the lights change and suddenly a London bus whizzes perilously close to the Neighbours star, prompting Vine to express his disbelief at the “terrible” driving.

He is heard in the video saying: “How can the bus do that, how can the bus go so close to you?”

Jason Donovan seemed unfazed by the close call and even compliments Vine on his helmet.

Sharing the nerve-wracking moment on his social media accounts, Jeremy Vine exclaimed, “Bloody hell. I just saw a bus nearly take out Jason Donovan.”

Above: Post on X by Jeremy Vine, showing the near-miss

Reaction split on social media

The incident garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with many users praising Donovan’s calm demeanour in the face of danger. One user commented:

“You could learn a thing or two from him Jeremy, he’s clearly a more confident rider.” Another remarked: “Scary but also brilliant vid of two proper legends.”

Some critics argued that their friendly chat was distracting and potentially contributed to the incident. One user said:

“Chatting to each other, and not concentrating, Donovan with earphones in, can’t hear anything, holds the bus up for no reason.”

Another noted, “Realises too late, but pulls over to let the bus pass, so what does the bus do, wait till you’ve both finished your ‘famous mates’ chat?”

Jeremy Vine, who is known for sharing his passion for cycling and his experiences on the road, has amassed nearly 800,000 online followers. Through regular tweets and helmet camera-recorded clips, he highlights the challenges and issues cyclists face while navigating the streets of London.

These videos have included encounters with swerving motorists and the abuse he sometimes receives while commuting to his jobs at the BBC and Channel 5.

Jeremy Vine has also courted controversy by advocating for better cyclist-motorist interactions, calling for motorists to allow cyclists to overtake them in congested city traffic. He argues that, in some cases, cyclists have become faster than cars in London due to the city’s slowed traffic speeds, a perspective that may not sit well with some drivers.

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