Jeremy Vine wins April Fool crown with very convincing bird attack video

Image above: Jeremy Vine

Fans and detractors taken in

I was all set to report this as a news story until I thought, ‘hang on a minute, what date is it?’

Broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Vine regularly posts videos of his daily early morning commute from Chiswick into central London, documenting near misses as careless drivers fail to give cyclists adequate space. He uses an Insta360 camera to get good 360 degree footage around his bike. On Monday 1 April he posted this on X (Twitter):

‘This is incredible footage’

It took a while for social media users to catch on as his detractors weighed in with unflattering comments praising the bird, and wildlife enthusiasts tried to identify what kind of hawk it was.

Fellow presenter and political commentator Matthew Stadlen, who is also the author of How To See Birds, wrote:

‘This is incredible footage. It’s definitely not a Red Kite and doesn’t look like a Sparrowhawk. Too big for a Kestrel and wrong colouring. Looks like a Buzzard to me. Didn’t know we had them in Hyde Park’ before he too realised the date and cottoned on.

When his gullibility was pointed out, he remarked:

‘Ah. An April Fool. This is the greatest blow Twitter has ever delivered to me.’

Toeprints required to enter EU countries

Jeremy Vine was not the only broadcaster and journalist to hoodwink their followers successfully. Simon Calder, the travel expert who shares his travel advice on Instagram and TikTok, got people going with his claim that European Union countries would require toeprints as well as facial biomentrics from October 2024.

We fell for the bendy bananas and Turkey joining the EU, so why not toe prints as a border crossing requirement?

‘BREAKING Best foot forward: Brits urged to wear flip-flops or sandals for Euro passport checks from Oct 2024. When the Entry Exit System begins, UK travellers to the EU will have to give toe prints + facial biometrics. Aim is to swerve legal cases over right to take fingerprints,’ wrote Simon.

‘So what happens in winter when women are often wearing tights?? And who will wear flip-flops in freezing temperatures?? Such nonsense,’ wrote Fiona Mann.

‘Note to self, book pedicure!’ wrote Rachelle

‘Almost believable it’s so so Brexit’ – Simon Edmonds

‘Will it help the British who have a pied-à-terre in France?’ asked John Hughes

‘More EU toetalitarianism’ – @woodgnomology

Good to see a bit of harmless fun on X for a change, in amongst all the racism and porn adverts.

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