JG Contemporary present “In Bloom”, a joint exhibition by artists Jake Andrew and Tim Fowler

Images above: From the ‘In Bloom’ exhibition opening Friday 20 October

‘In Bloom’

The artists’ gallery JG Contemporary in Churchfield Road, W3, has a new exhibition opening this Friday (20 October), featuring the work of Jake Andrew and Tim Fowler.

‘In Bloom’ is described as ‘a harmonious synthesis of the works of two celebrated artists’. Running from October 20 to November 5, 2023, ‘it unveils a vibrant tapestry of sensory experiences and offers an in-depth exploration of both artists’ use of hyper-saturation and contrast within the vast realm of gestural abstraction’.

The exhibition is a journey through the two artists’ tales, emotions and experiences, woven into an abstracted tapestry of artistic expression. It invites the audience to delve into into the vivid palettes and innovative methods employed in their studio practice by both artists.

Tim Fowler focuses on the colour field and Jake Andrew explores how audio stimuli manifest as colour, texture, and movement.

“While Fowler’s works burst with bright, intense hues, Andrew offers a physical immersion into the junction of sound and colour.” says gallery owner Jewel Goodby.

Jewel has an ongoing programme of exhibitions at her gallery in Acton, each one introduced to art lovers with drinks and nibbles and a chance to meet the artists on the opening night. She invites you to come to the opening of ‘In Bloom’ on Friday 20 October from 5 – 8pm.

Images above: Derrick Santini’s portraits of Dame Judi Dench, Alexander McQueen, Sam Smith and Jasmin Jobson


Coming up in November she has #MadeBritainGreat, an exhibition of the portrait photography of Derrick Santini, the inaugural exhibition celebrating ‘Great British Portraiture’.

#MadeBritainGreat pays homage to influential figures in British arts and humanities. The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 10 November to Sunday 3 December.

Offering a human take on ‘Made in Great Britain’, the exhibition of Derrick Santini’s photographs will showcase portraits spanning over 30 years, capturing inspiring and beautiful people who have made their mark in Britain.

“Rather than a jingoistic expression, the exhibition personifies and celebrates the rich intercultural history and diverse talents that have made Britain truly great” says Jewel.

Derrick was born in Scarborough, in 1965, but now lives in Acton. His works have been acquired by the National Gallery and shown in exhibitions worldwide.

The exhibition at JG Contemporary gallery will serve as an introduction to Derrick Santini’s work before the launch of his book and a national tour in 2024. The opening reception will be on Thursday 9 November from 5-8pm.


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