Jo Pratt’s new book The Flexible Vegetarian

Talking to Jo Pratt, TV chef, cook book author and co-organiser of the Cook Book Festival, I realise her book is exactly what I need. The Flexible Vegetarian is for cooks who want to try out vegetarian recipes but may want to add a bit of meat or fish if they feel like it.

In any family gathering you’re quite likely to have a teenager taking their first steps to becoming vegetarian and a diehard carnivore who doesn’t consider it’s a proper meal unless there’s meat involved. Jo’s book solves that problem.

Vegetarian dishes are no longer the preserve of wild-eyed zealots hell bent on saving the world. Now that there are interesting vegetarian recipes available, there are plenty of non-vegetarians who like good food, want to eat healthily and are as likely to choose a vegetable dish for a main course as they are a meat dish, and this is being recognised by mainstream cookery writers.

Jo is a TV chef who has worked with big name chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay, and John Torode. She’s also the author of six successful cookery books before this one and is the co-organiser of the Cook Book Festival, 12 – 16 September.

You can read how she got in to professional cooking and see her recipe for a vegetarian creamy mushroom, leek and chestnut pie here. Add chicken or pork from the left over Sunday roast if you so wish.

You can book for her cookery demonstration on Sunday 16 September at the Cook Book Festival here.

Read more about Jo here.