Joe Bourke says a vote for the Lib Dems is not a wasted vote

Joe Bourke, Liberal Democrat candidate for Brentford & Isleworth maintains that the only solution is to vote Lib Dem on Thursday: “Perhaps your choice might be add one more MP to the government’s majority. An MP that has never voted against a Conservative party intent on forcing through the most economically damaging exit from the European Union conceivable; and a third runway at Heathrow that may well face legal challenges for years to come.”

“You may choose instead a labour MP at odds with the leadership of a Labour party that has proved to be an ineffective opposition for two years now? An MP that has failed to challenge a Labour dominated local council that simply ignores the views of residents clearly expressed in consultations; and rides roughshod over its own local area plan to ram though planning consents for wholly inappropriate developments.”

“Alternatively, you may wish to make your vote count for something by returning a Liberal Democrat that will stand up to both an arrogant Labour council and an increasingly dangerous and extreme Conservative government.”