Join the Handbag Colour Revolution

Tired of seeing the same indistinguishable monochrome bags up and down Chiswick high street? Take a stand and join the colour revolution at huh! Bags. Proud local Jane Dyson has launched her own online store from her Chiswick studio, featuring a range of beautifully eye-catching bags to help you stand out from the crowd and express your personality one stylish handbag at a time!

No one knows reinvention better than Jane. Originally starting as a travel agent she moved from career to career, creating her own free newspaper distribution company before representing a number of businesses on the board of Menzies Distribution.

“The board of Menzies was an amazing experience I learned so much and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world but I felt I wasn’t being true to myself.” Jane said. “It was all about internal meetings and satisfying shareholders which of course you have to do but I’m very much a people person and I was missing that interaction. I thought, I’ve done that, now we need to do something else, so I moved house, refurbished the house and did all of that.”

It was during this period of rediscovery that Jane had her colours done. This was a completely new concept to me but Jane explained that people have their colours done in order to find out which colour palette suits them the best.

“People come to me now and I do their colours and see which colour suits them. You’re one of the seasons and we look at your skin tones and everything really. I had mine done 25 years ago, maybe even longer, but my daughter always knew I was into it. She had a friend come round and said ‘oh mum what colours do you think Mylo is?’ and I thought, do you know, that’s it! I love that stuff; maybe this could be the next thing”

After this colour revelation, Jane began researching the company behind all this, House of Colour.

“I went on the website and they said they had vacancies, I think it was Wimbledon or somewhere, so I was like okay, not too far, but then I got a phone call two days after I sent my submission asking ‘oh is it just Wimbledon you want? Because I’m in Chiswick and I’m about to retire’. I was like, right okay, this is so weird, so literally within three months I’d retrained”

Jane now owns the House of Colour franchise for Chiswick, Richmond, Barnes and Kew so if you ever want to discover your true colour palette and find out what works best for your skin tone, size and body-shape, visit Jane in her Chiswick studio.

“I’ve helped a lot of people now within that business. It can be a bride and her bridesmaids, it can be someone who’s just retiring and they’re losing their way a bit, it can be a new mum who’s body shape has changed she doesn’t really know what to wear. I call them the wilderness years.”

When discussing House of Colour, Jane explained that the majority of colour stylists’ studios’ had featured products such as scarves, hats or jewellery – something that clients could buy in their newly discovered signature colours.

“One thing when people have their colours done is the first thing they want to do is to buy something in their colour. I just sort of hit on the handbags. One of the consultants had a handbag in her studio and I got a couple of her suppliers then I started selling handbags in my studio”

Immediately clients starting asking about the colourful handbags in Jane’s studio, asking if she had a website as they had friends who would love the bags. Whilst on holiday Jane decided she had had enough of the monochrome bags filling high-street retailers and after successful customer feedback, Jane began creating huh! Bags to add that signature pop of colour to any outfit.

“I wanted to create a fun brand, a cheeky brand with the main thing being affordability. That’s where the name huh! Bags comes from – handbags under a hundred. When we launched, which was only 3 weeks today, I thought to myself are people going to go oooo they’re lovely bags or will they just want a black one, we didn’t know but I’ve sold aqua, pink, bright yellow because they’re not accessible to a lot of people.”

huh! Bags have launched with a range of 12 different styles to suit every personality as well as a choice of interchangeable statement straps. During their initial launch they fell into the top 8% of Shopify businesses that launched that week, so the business is already taking off.

With their highly affordable price-point and sleek, colourful designs huh! Bags would make for the perfect Christmas gift. To view the full collection of bags and straps head over to If you’re interested in visiting Jane at her Chiswick studio drop her an email at to arrange your very own style consultation.