Just Stop Oil halt rush hour traffic on Chiswick High Road

Image above: Just Stop Oil protestors march near Chiswick Roundabout

Three Just Stop Oil protestors arrested, one “unlawfully”

Just Stop Oil supporters are once again marching in their eighth week of daily action in London to demand that the UK Government halt all licences and consents for new oil, gas and coal projects.

At around 8.00am on Wednesday (14 June), 68 Just Stop Oil supporters in five groups began marching on roads around West London, including: Chiswick High Road, the Westway, Cromwell Road and near Chiswick Roundabout. They halted rush hour traffic for about 20 minutes before either complying with police or being arrested.

Two supporters were arrested at around 8.20am for walking on the A205 near Chiswick Roundabout. Just Stop Oil say another supporter was “unlawfully” arrested on Cromwell Road after police did not issue a Public Order Act (Section 12) notice appropriately.

There was an angry response from some of the motorists stuck on the queues of traffic that reached up to Chiswick Roundabout, but some residents shouted support for the demonstrators when arrests were being made.

The police say that they imposed Section 12 conditions under the Public Order Act at 8.15am and the road was cleared six minutes later. The imposition of these conditions can be made by the senior officer on the scene if he or she believes it is necessary to prevent disorder, damage, disruption, impact or intimidation.

Image above: A Just Stop Oil protestor is arrested

“I’m terrified of a collapsing society”

Around 600 people from all over the UK have taken part in the marches of whom 95 have been arrested and 40 charged.

One of those on the road this morning, Eddie Francis, 74, a retired joiner from Lincoln said:

“I’m terrified of a collapsing society because of the climate crisis, we’re experiencing crop failure already. I feel I have to stand up and take action to get the government to stop new oil, gas and coal, because I can see, right now, that it’s presiding over a disaster”.

Another of those on the road this morning, Rachel White, 52, a former NHS Health professional from Rochford, said:

“I am taking action with Just Stop Oil because I have tried writing to MPs and signing petitions, I even walked 500 miles from London to Glasgow to COP26 to try and raise awareness, but our government is still issuing new gas and oil licences. This is a death sentence for millions. Canada is on fire, the Arctic is melting at a rapid rate, Europe is already reaching record temperatures, but this is hardly reported by the media.”

“If my grandchildren are to have a liveable climate, all new gas and oil must stop. What other choice do I have other than to take action? There is no other choice now, as it is clear the government will carry on business as usual unless everyday people like me demand otherwise.”

The Metropolitan Police says that the cost of policing these protests so far has been £4.5 million.