Just Stop Oil halt traffic on M25 for a second day

Image above: Just Stop Oil stop traffic on the M25 for a second day; photograph Just Stop Oil

Protesters at multiple junctions all round London

Just Stop Oil has stopped traffic on parts of the M25 for the second day running, highlighting the climate crisis while the COP 27 Climate Conference is held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Police report environmental activists scaling gantries in Kent, Essex, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Just Stop Oil say “approximately 15” of its supporters climbed on to overhead gantries in “multiple locations” on the UK’s busiest motorway from 7am, causing police to halt traffic.

One of the locations where they are protesting is at junction 31, where police have closed the northbound tunnel of the Dartford Crossing. The nearest points to Chiswick where protesters have climbed gantries are at junctions 8 and 9 and junctions 12 and 13, according to Surrey police.

Image above: Surrey police arresting protesters on Monday

Dozens of arrests yesterday

Yesterday (Monday 7 November) they shut a stretch of road between Junction 6 and 7 as well as at Junctions 8 and 9, Junctions 13 and 12 causing huge traffic disruption on the M25 itself and in and out of London, through Chiswick, for hours after the protesters had been removed from the motorway.

Today several arrests have been made by different police forces. Yesterday there were dozens of arrests.

Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist said the action was “criminality”, not protest, and vowed to bring those involved to justice as quickly as possible.

“This was a very significant and co-ordinated effort to cause massive disruption to the entirety of the M25,” he said.

One of the protesters, Louise, 24, posted a video saying she was there because she felt she did not have a future:

“You may hate me for doing this, and you’re entitled to hate me, but I wish you would direct all that anger and hatred at our government”.

“They are betraying young people like me. I wouldn’t have to be there if they did their lawful duty.

“What we’re asking for is what all the scientists are asking for, what the United Nations are asking for… how many more people have to say ‘we don’t have a liveable future if you continue licensing oil and gas’ for you to listen?”

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