‘Large rise’ in Covid-19 cases in LB Hounslow includes Chiswick

Chiswick named as one of the areas in which cases are concentrated

There has been a large rise in coronavirus cases in LB Hounslow over the past two days, according to Public Health England.

Kelly O’Neill, Director of Public Health at Hounslow Council published a statement on the afternoon of Saturday 15 August saying:

“Last night we received data from Public Health England which showed cases of coronavirus continue to increase in the borough, with a large rise in numbers over the past two days. Cases are concentrated in Heston, Hounslow Central/West, Cranford and Chiswick, but also recorded in other areas.

“The spread of cases suggests it’s due to wider family and friend groups meeting and not maintaining social distancing”.

Her statement did not give the exact figures for the past few days.

LB Hounslow has had a total of 1,202 coronavirus cases confirmed up to 14 August, with 236 coronavirus-related deaths registered to 31 Jul. LB Hammersmith and Fulham has had a total of 829 coronavirus cases confirmed, with 169 deaths. LB Ealing has had a total of 1,678 cases and 411 deaths.

“We should not forget how awful the situation was for many of our residents earlier this year” said Ms O’Neill. “More than 230 people lost their lives and thousands of others became seriously ill, with many still feeling the impact today. Coronavirus is still lethal. Lives are still at risk.

“We need everyone to keep their distance from people who do not live in their home. Stay two metres away from them at all times where possible.

“Please, do your bit to help reduce the spread and keep your family and friends safe.

“If we do not reduce this contact cases will keep rising, more lives will be put in danger and we risk a local lockdown in the borough.

“You can spread coronavirus without symptoms. Don’t be the one who makes your vulnerable friends and relatives sick.

“People who ignore social distancing are making a choice to put themselves and others at risk. They may be fine, but the people they infect, particularly if they’re elderly or have long-term health conditions such as diabetes or heart problems, may not.”

Hammersmith and Fulham closing care homes to new residents

LB Hammersmith and Fulham has temporarily stopped care homes from taking in new residents because of concerns about the shortage of tests for asymptomatic people who could have coronavirus.

Ben Coleman, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care said four care homes in the borough would not be taking in new residents “as a precaution” while NHS North West London finds a solution to the problem.

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