LB Hounslow changes Edensor Rd ‘Street School’ plan after residents object

Image above: Cavendish Primary School; Google streetview

Hounslow Council has agreed to abandon plans to make Edensor Rd a ‘School Street’, favouring instead a suggestion by Chiswick Cllr John Todd to extend the Red Route which runs along the A316 Great Chertsey Rd round the corner into Edensor Road and past Cavendish Primary School.

Plans to make Edensor Rd a School Street were announced in early June. The idea was that the road would be shut to non-residents at dropping off and picking up times. Residents would be able to use the street as normal.

It sounded simple enough but when residents got wind of the plan, objections were soon raised. Edensor Rd is effectively the access route for the whole of Corney Reach, including all the houses accessed by any of the residential roads which fan out from the mini roundabout at the bottom. Along Pumping Station Rd and between there and the river there are some 600 households.

Image above: Map showing Edensor Rd, Cavendish School and the Corney Reach estate; Google Maps

Cllr Todd’s alternative

Cars can enter the area from Corney Rd, alongside St Mary’s Convent and Nursing Home, but the road is one-way. They can get out onto the A316 along Grantham Rd, but it’s not designed to take the volume of traffic from the entire area. So once in, residents argued, traffic would be trapped, or forced into dangerous three point turns to get out again along Grantham Rd, if they couldn’t use Edensor Rd.

“The way the traffic management was set up, was for residents to use Edensor Rd” Nick Leighton, one of the opponents, told The Chiswick Calendar. He has been a resident of the Corney Reach estate for 23 years.

“We want the school to be as safe as possible, but the idea that visitors to some 500-600 households should be barred for such a long period was unnecessary”.

Cllr Todd told us:

“Residents in the Edensor Garden and Corney Reach estate and other residents were horrified to learn of this road closure scheme, which would restrict carers, builders and delivery vehicles and others visiting. I received a significant number of emails from residents and others asking for representation.

“I visited the school, met with numerous residents and discussed with the Traffic planners too …  I submitted an alternative plan which would obviate the need for the road closure.”

Image above: Edensor Rd alternative plan

“Pleased the needs of the residents have been recognised”

The alternative plan introduces a Red Route from a little beyond the entrance of the road from the A316 to beyond the rank of shops, monitored by cameras. It proposes widening the footpath outside the school and making the feeder road which runs behind the shops accessible to residents, traders, bikes and pedestrians only, so people from further away don’t bring their children to school by car and park there instead.

Cllr Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport on Hounslow Council, told us he always prefers to work collaboratively if possible and working with John Todd on this was a good example of that. The Red Route was another way of achieving the same end, so he was happy to endorse it. Either way of preventing illegal parking outside the school involved a lot of work.

Image above: Edensor Rd, Google streetview

“We are very pleased that the needs of the residents have been recognised” said Mr Leighton. “We are very grateful to John Todd especially, who has done a huge amount of work to change it.

“There will be a narrowing of Edensor Rd and I am a bit concerned that two buses won’t be able to pass each other at that point, which will cause a bit of congestion… I’m surprised they’ve gone to these lengths”.

“He’s been fantastic” said Sue Ellis, another long term resident. “I’m really delighted that they seem to have listened.

“Of course everyone wanted the safety of the school, but my concern was that they didn’t seem to be reacting to the evidence. They were proposing a drastic measure when the evidence wasn’t there to support the need”.

According to Cllr Todd’s research, 95% children at the school walk there and live very locally.

See more about the council’s proposals on LB Hounslow’s website.

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