LB Hounslow investigating “environmental mess” at Dukes Meadows

Images above: killed off areas of Dukes Meadows – pictures Roy Forshaw

LB Hounslow have said they are investigating how an “environmental mess” was made at Dukes Meadows, after an extensive part of a field died off after allegedly being sprayed with herbicide.

An extensive section of the land, on the Old Meadonians Riverside section adjacent to Chiswick Rugby club, has wilted and browned in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to kill off plants in the area.

Roy Forshaw, a local resident, reported the damage to The Chiswick Calendar and to Chiswick Homefields councillor John Todd. Roy said he was particularly concerned about the “saddening” loss of biodiversity as a result of the spraying, which he says is already lacking locally.

Roy told us:

“This is Metropolitan open Land, the highest level of Green Belt designation, this section off the pitches is normally just left to rough grass, and occasionally mowed. Can’t imagine anyone to have a good reason to apply this quantity of herbicide on a recreational area, bounded by driving ranges, hockey pitches, golf course and allotments.

“It is a bit of an environmental mess, it does appear to be on the Old Meadonians section of Riverside Lands adjacent to Chiswick Rugby club. Last spring we experienced hedge removal during nesting season along the allotment boundary from CRFC… Had hoped that LBH would have a word with the leaseholders to take more care in their specific areas but from this spraying it appears not.”

Images above: killed off areas of Dukes Meadows – pictures Roy Forshaw

LB Hounslow ‘did not authorise’ spraying

The damage was reported by Cllr John Todd to LB Hounslow, who said on Monday (16 May) they did not authorise the spraying.

The land is owned by the Greater London Authority and managed by LB Hounslow, who lease the grounds to individual clubs local to the area. A spokesperson for LB Hounslow told The Chiswick Calendar:

“This work was not carried out by or authorised directly by the Council and we are currently investigating with the leaseholder how to rectify the situation.”

The Council said they were still working out the repercussions of the spraying and what the consequences would be for the perpetrator.

The spokesperson added:

“We need to find out exactly what was sprayed there and what the intention was before we work that out. Then we need to look into what the regulations are and what’s allowed, what’s not allowed.”

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