LB Hounslow issues more than 4,000 fines in Devonshire Rd and Turnham Green Terrace

LB Hounslow has issued a total of 4,024 Penalty Traffic Notices in Devonshire Rd and Turnham Green Terrace since traffic restrictions were introduced earlier this summer. The number of fines issued in Devonshire Rd is 42, while the number in Turnham Green Terrace is 3,982.

The total face value of these tickets at £130 per ticket is £523,120, but most drivers who have opted to pay their fine have paid up within the discount period, paying £65 rather than the full amount.

As of Wednesday 30 September 2020, 1,487 drivers have paid the PCN issued to them. 1,449 of those paid during the discount period and 38 paid £130, netting the council £99,125. There are currently 2,785 PCNs still open at varying stages.

Many rivers opting to challenge the fines

A considerable number of drivers who’ve received fines have opted to challenge them. When the signs first went up at both ends of Turnham Green Terrace and at the High Rd end of Devonshire Rd, many people complained that they weren’t clearly visible or they weren’t clear what ‘access only’ meant.

In both roads it is supposed to mean that motorists can stop and park in a disabled bay if they have a disabled permit, or in a loading bay if they are loading or unloading something heavy or bulky. An obvious flaw in the design of the restrictions is that drivers may enter intending to stop legitimately, but if there is no disabled bay or loading bay free, they have no option but to drive through and incur a fine.

John Fitzgerald, who runs Snappy Snaps on the corner of Chiswick High Rd and Turnham Green Terrace, told The Chiswick Calendar:

“Two of my customers last week ended up with parking tickets because they were trying to get down the Terrace as they were trying to come in and drop off framing work to give to me – but if the loading bays are full what are they to do?”

Cllr Guy Lambert told The Chiswick Calendar that the council would look sympathetically at claims which appeared to be genuine, but he and Cllr Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport, have both also expressed their shock that so many drivers appear to have just ignored the road signs.

There are currently 839 PCNs on hold following the submission of a representation. The representation can include motorist challenging the issuing of a PCN or a request for a change of keeper – these are usually hire vehicles or where an employee is liable for PCNs.’

Hounslow’s “indifference towards Chiswick” is “contemptuous” says Cllr John Todd

Conservative Cllr John Todd, who asked Hounslow Council Parking Services for the data, said:

“My view is this a punitive application of a confusing inadequate traffic scheme devoid of any consultation process or meaningful dialogue with Chiswick Councillors.

“Initial warning to residents, businesses and other users about this scheme was grossly inadequate and was compounded by inadequate signage, a matter which continues, despite our representations.

“The overt indifference towards Chiswick by this Labour adminstration and it’s brutal financial punishment towards residents and businesses is contemptuous”.

Cllr Todd represents Homefields ward.

The Chiswick Calendar spoke to Cllr Hanif Khan and Cllr Guy Lambert in June. Both confessed that they were unhappy with the way in which the traffic restrictions had been introduced. Both said they were not satisfied with the lack of clarity in the signage and the way in which the changes had been communicated to residents. The delivery of an explanatory letter detailing the proposed traffic changes in Chiswick (which you can find here) was somewhat patchy. It went to some households but not others.

The Chiswick Calendar put the obvious problems to the councillors in June.

What if you drive in, with the intention of stopping to load or unload but there isn’t a space, so you have no choice but to drive straight through?

Or you mean to go to the garage in Devonshire Rd, or to Chief coffee shop in Turnham Green Terrace Mews, but you accidentally overshoot, as both have narrow entrances which are easy to miss?

Hanif said: “Good points both, which I will take away and consider”.

Guy said: “Assessment of violations will be judged with the opportunity to make your case as to why you have apparently transgressed. It won’t be enforced rigidly”.

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