‘Let’s get shovels in the ground’

The Cabinet of Hounslow Council passed the decision to proceed to the detailed planning of Cycleway 9 last week. The controversial plan gives Chiswick High Rd a bi-directional cycle track along the south side, as part of a route from Brentford to Olympia. Reactions were predictably polarised.

Hounslow Cycling Campaign welcomed the decision and now just want to get on with it as quickly as possible. You can read their full statement here:

‘Hounslow Cycling Campaign welcomes the decision by Hounslow council to approve Cycleway 9 at the 3 September cabinet meeting. Hounslow cabinet voted unanimously to approve Cycleway 9 following speakers for and against the scheme and a presentation by the Hounslow Head of Transport. Speakers for the scheme were Dr Will Norman, the Mayor of London’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner, Michael Robinson, coordinator of Hounslow Cycling Campaign and a Chiswick resident who read out a statement from a friend (also a Chiswick resident) who had been injured in a collision while cycling on Chiswick High Road.

‘Pleased that Hounslow council has given the go-ahead’

‘Michael Robinson said: “We are extremely pleased that Hounslow council has given the go ahead for Cycleway 9. In the meeting we said that “Cycleway 9 isn’t just for people who cycle already, it is for everyone who would like to cycle and who is currently scared and intimidated by motor traffic” and “the scheme will improve the safety of our High Streets, help address air pollution and is clear evidence of the council’s commitment to act on climate change.”

‘The original superhighway programme was launched in May 2009 and the consultation for Cycleway 9 released 2 years ago in September 2017. It will provide both Chiswick and Brentford with segregated cycle lanes with a consultation to extend the route to Hounslow planned for 2020. Council approval is a major milestone and we’d like to thank our members and supporters for their efforts helping to achieve it. We hope that, after a long and occasionally divisive campaign, we can now progress together to make sure that the end result makes our High Roads a safer and more pleasant environment for everyone to travel, shop and enjoy their leisure time. ‘West London has waited too long for a high quality protected cycle lane, so we hope that Hounslow and TfL get shovels in the ground as soon as possible’.

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