Lib Dem councillors call for repair of Southfield Recreation Ground trampoline

Image above: Two rings are broken on the trampoline

Liberal Democrats say “Acton children should be able to jump for joy”

Ealing’s Liberal Democrats have called on Ealing Council to repair the trampoline in Southfield Recreation Ground, which has been broken for over a year.

The trampoline was broken in August 2022 and reported to Ealing Council’s parks department for repair. It has been one year since the report and no repair has been made.

Ealing’s Liberal Democrats, who are the official Opposition party to the Labour-run Ealing Council, say the trampoline is a piece of equipment which local children used to use and enjoy. It encouraged activity, they say, especially for those with no access to outside space at home.

Southfield Recreation Ground is one of four historic fields in Acton which the council bought in 1908, for use by the people of Acton and is an important space for access to nature with a wildflower meadow as well as a playground for activity.

At least one resident has raised concerns to the Liberal Democrats that the broken trampolice is unsafe: “a small child’s foot could easily go through”.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Malcolm, Leader of the Opposition and Southfield Councillor said:

“The Labour administration is depriving local children in Acton and Chiswick of outdoor activity at a time when household budgets are constrained and access to community facilities such as playgrounds are essential to the health of our young communities. Liberal Democrats believe that faulty equipment should be fixed within a matter of weeks not years!”