Lib Dem Mayoral candidate visits Chiswick

Luisa Porritt, the Liberal Democrats’ recently elected candidate for London Mayor in the next mayoral elections, visited Chiswick on Friday 30 October. Accompanied by Lib Dem councillor Gary Malcolm, she talked to several business owners on the High Rd and in South Parade, finding out about the issues uppermost in their minds.

Talking to The Chiswick Calendar, she said it seemed that London councils not talking to each other seemed to have contributed to the traffic chaos in Chiswick, and that was something that if she were elected mayor she would try and improve.

“That’s the sort of thing a mayor can do, to make sure the right people are sitting down and talking together”.

LB Hounslow made Turnham Green Terrace a no through route in July, resulting in more than 7,000 penalty notices being issued to drivers in a matter of just over three months, many of whom were issued to drivers who either hadn’t noticed the new signage or were confused about what it meant. At the same time LB Ealing closed Fisher’s Lane to vehicles other than buses.

The combined effect has been to increase traffic along South Parade and Bath Rd substantially, as drivers have either to join Acton Lane to the west or the Goldhawk Rd to the east, in order to drive from Bedford Park to Chiswick High Rd.

Luisa is a Liberal Democrat councillor in Camden, who was elected as a councillor for the first time in May 2018. In the 2019 European elections she became an MEP, a position which she held for six months. She has recently taken over as Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Camden, where they form the borough’s third party.

She was elected when the precious candidate Siobahn Benita dropped out of the race, after the election was postponed to May 2021 because of the coronavirus.

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