Lib Dems raise concerns over Acton Green conservation area

Image above: Acton Green Common

Residents want their open spaces protected, say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat councillors are cautioning against proposed alterations to the Acton Green Conservation Area, citing potential threats to a local green space from imminent development.

Ealing Council is currently in the process of seeking public input on proposed changes that would involve excluding the Beaconsfield Estate on Acton Lane from the conservation area. The rationale behind this move is that the estate’s architectural style diverges from the prevailing Victorian and Edwardian buildings characteristic of the area.

Among the sections slated for removal is the elongated strip of land situated across the road from the estate, which accommodates residences along Kingscote Road. This area is colloquially referred to as the Beaconsfield Triangle by residents.

The Liberal Democrats, who are the Opposition party on Ealing Council, are expressing their concern that the protective measures afforded by the Conservation Area designation could be compromised, potentially opening up the green space to future construction. While much of the space might be too narrow for new housing, there are concerns the northern portion could be considered for development while still providing access to properties at the rear.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Andrew Steed, Opposition Spokesperson on Education, Health & Social Care and Southfield Councillor said:

“Liberal Democrats say that the Labour-run Ealing administration has chosen to remove green spaces from some conservation areas and has designated lots of green belt and Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) spaces as building sites for the future. Liberal Democrats have listened to residents who want to see their open spaces protected. Labour’s plans seem contrary to their claims to promote net zero and actions against climate change!”