Liberal Democrats re-elected in Southfield

Image above: Ealing’s new Liberal Democrat councillors

The Liberal Democrats have become the official opposition on Ealing Council, wrestling the title from the Conservatives. The three councillors who represent Southfield ward – Andrew Steed, Gary Busuttil and Gary Malcolm – were re-elected.

Six Lib Dems were elected as councillors: Jon Ball, Athena Zissimos, Gary Busuttil, Gary Malcolm, Andrew Steed and Connie Hersch. Five Conservatives were elected.

Labour retained control the council after winning a majority of seats, with a total of 70 candidates elected. The turnout across the borough was 40.31%.

Celebrating their victory, Ealing Liberal Democrats said:

“Thank you to all of the voters in Ealing that have voted #LibDem! We’ve elected six fantastic community champions who will continue to work hard for you over the coming months and years. We are now the official opposition in Ealing and will always fight your corner.”

Ealing residents “will now have a voice in the council”, say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat Group Leader Gary Malcolm told The Chiswick Calendar:

“It’s the first time ever that the Lib Dems have become the official opposition which is quite significant and the lowest the Tories have gone to.”

“We have had a very clear plan this last year or two and it’s evident Ealing council has not listened to people but we have. Our manifesto are about making the borough safer and cleaner.

He said new Liberal Democrat councillors had been elected at the expense of the Conservatives who he said had been complacent, assuming they would be re-elected despite being “lazy” in the performance of their role as councillors.

“They can’t take us for granted anymore and we will be after them a lot. Residents will now have a voice in the council.”

He added that new “energetic” Lib Dem councillors would help to make Ealing a better and safer place.

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