Is it possible to change your life?

Corinna McShane says it is

“I’ve not met a person yet who doesn’t want to change something about their personal or professional life” says Life coach Corinna Mc Shane. Life has a way of throwing roadblocks up. Bereavement, divorce, redundancy take a toll on a person’s ability to function, sapping their will, the desire to engage with the world and the energy to do so. Even without these major life crises, lack of confidence is a huge barrier to people achieving their goals. Corinna McShane is a Life coach who works with individuals helping them realise what it is they want to change and to see a way forward to achieving that.

“I have always been a good listener, someone people turn to in confidence and find it so rewarding to be able to use these competencies to help others” she says. “I really do believe that with hard work, commitment and planning, almost anything is possible. For as long as I can remember I wanted to go to the North Pole. After waiting far too many years, in early 2017 I found myself proudly standing at the top of the world”. Corinna coaches people on a wide variety of different areas ranging from helping a small business owner develop their marketing strategy; coaching an individual through bereavement and developing the leadership skills of a senior executive, through to coaching an individual to secure her dream job.

“Life coaching with Corinna was the lifeline I did not realise I needed. The sessions came a few weeks after the bereavement of one of my parents – I seriously doubted I would ever be happy again but my sessions with Corinna have made this achievable.”
Life coaching client India

“Corinna really helped me focus on how to launch my new business whilst juggling my existing personal commitments, in order to find the right work-life balance.”
Executive coaching client Joanna.

“I can honestly say that life coaching has proven to be life changing for me. I enjoyed the process from start to finish and am much happier since I first started”.
Life coaching client Shafia.

If you are tempted to try coaching as a way to tackle your problems it is important to sign up with someone who is qualified. After a long term marketing career with brands such as the BBC and British Airways, Corinna retrained as a coach and runs her own practice. Based in Chiswick, she offers Life coaching and Executive coaching. She is a Member of the International Coaching Federation and adheres to their Code of Ethics. She is also one of a small number of coaches in the UK accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Office, which provides the added bonus that her Executive Coaching sessions can contribute towards professional and organisational CPD requirements.

Contact Corinna on 07396 364124 or through her website. Chiswick club card holders can get a discount on some of Corinna’s packages, have a look at our club card pages for details.