Life Lessons at Chiswick House offers full day tickets

The Life Lessons festival at Chiswick House has launched full day tickets.

The weekend boasts a line up of world-class speakers including: Prof Brian Cox, Mary Portas, Claudia Winkleman, Ruby Wax, Pandora Sykes, and many more who will be sharing their big ideas.

When tickets went on sale at the end of April, they were hoping to be able to hold an event without Covid restrictions, as per the Government’s roadmap. Now that is no longer possible they can only sell 4,000 tickets, so instead of selling tickets just for an afternoon or evening session with three speakers, they’re now selling all day tickets with access to six sessions.

For the organisers it means making rather less profit than they were hoping for, but for festival goers it represents fantastic value. Anyone who had already bought tickets for an afternoon or an evening will also be able to use their ticket for events throughout the day.

To ensure Covid safety, they have installed a one way system of access; staff will be wearing masks; the toilets will be cleaned frequently; for the audience social distancing, wearing of masks and use of hand gel are all very much encouraged.

Image above: Chiswick House

Stretch your mind and body in London’s ‘secret oasis’

For the organisers of Life Lessons, marketing the event throughout the country, Chiswick House is a ‘secret oasis’.

‘Welcome to your perfect summer day out, 16-18 July 2021, at the beautiful Chiswick House & Gardens. In London’s secret oasis, sit back by the lake with a glass of something lovely and be inspired with talks from Britain’s most beloved presenters, fiercest and funniest thinkers, and scientific heroes. 

‘Lose yourself in the wellbeing marketplace, stretch your mind and body in a range of free workshops or wander the 60 acres of lush gardens, enjoying the landscape and architecture. Sink into a deckchair with a book, share a coffee with a like-minded soul or simply sit back and let yourself be entertained with awe-inspiring stories from Britain’s best speakers, including Ruby Wax, Prof. Brian Cox, Claudia Winkleman, Simon Reeve, Chris Packham, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee and many more! 

‘Take your chance to catch up with friends, find your inspiration and re-emerge into the sunshine with us’.

They have brought together a brilliant line up of speakers. It should be a really interesting weekend.

Images above: Dr Rangan Chatterjee; Ruby Wax

Friday 16 July Afternoon 1.00 – 5.00 pm

Health: From Nutrition to Fitness, Immunity and More

Talk 1: Professor Robert Thomas 

One of the UK’s leading oncologists, Professor Robert Thomas, believes in a 360 approach to health. In this session, he’ll examine how diet is linked to immunity and what we can eat in order to stay healthy. He’ll ask whether diet can be the key to supporting medicine and indeed, preventing the need for it.

Talk 2: Dr Alan Desmond

For the vegan-curious, a myth-debunking session from plant-based expert and NHS consultant, Dr Alan Desmond. From gut health to blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, this talk will take the confusion out of plant-based eating and provide practical tips in integrating it into everyday life.

Talk 3: Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Meet the man behind Europe’s most successful Health podcast, Feel Better, Live More. Dr Rangan Chatterjee joins us on a mission to leave quick fix diets behind and provide a route to sustainable weight loss and improved physical and mental wellbeing that’s lifestyle-first – this talk will be full of simple, practical advice that all of us can start implementing into our lives immediately.

Friday 16 July Evening 6.00 – 9.30 pm

The Mind & Mental Health, Brain Health and Neuroscience

Talk 1: William Sieghart

The Poetry Pharmacy believes this simple thing: that when we are most in need of comfort, a poem can often best express and work through our emotions. Join them for this fun session and take the time out to stop, listen and find exactly the right prescription for your heart, mind and soul.

Talk 2: Kimberley Wilson

The brain is arguably the most important organ in our body. But how can we keep it healthy? How do we future proof it, give it the nutrients it needs and help it function at its optimum? Join expert Kimberley Wilson for a fact-driven talk packed with practical advice on building a healthy brain.

Author of – How to Build a Healthy Brain: Reduce stress, anxiety and depression and future-proof your brain.

Talk 3: Ruby Wax

Let’s face it, we all need some good news right now. Lucky that Ruby Wax – comedian, mental health expert and campaigner extraordinaire – has just the answer! Join her for an enlightening, funny, heart-warming talk as she pulls back the clouds and shows us the sunshine.

Ticket holders for this session will receive a copy of Ruby’s book –And Now For The Good News…: The much-needed tonic for our frazzled world.

Images above: Mary Portas; Robin Ince & Brian Cox

Saturday 17 July Afternoon 1.00 – 5.00 pm

Society and Community

Talk 1: Magid Magid 

A Somali-born black Muslim refugee, Magid Magid overcame adversity to become a Lord Mayor – and to ban Donald Trump from Sheffield. Radical, loving, funny and heart-warming, join Magid Magid as he gives us his recipe for disrupting the status quo and his dreams for a better society.

Talk 2: Nikesh Shukla and Emma Dabiri

Welcome to your masterclass in difficult conversations, where we ask: what’s next after BLM? How can we turn anger into everyday activism? How can we foster positive conversations about race, injustice and allyship? And how can we raise young people to do better than we’ve done?

Joining this panel is the brilliant journalist and host of podcast Brown Baby, Nikesh Shukla and author of What White People Can Do Next, Emma Dabiri.

Talk 3: Mary Portas

Business has done the biggest, fastest and cheapest; but what if it were to do the best? For us and the planet? Balancing the key principles of profit and social progress, Mary Portas asks in this conversation: what if we all just re-set and spent our money a bit better?

Attendees of this session will receive: Rebuild: How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy by Mary Portas.

Saturday 17 July Evening 6.00 – 9.30 pm

Nature, Science and the Universe

Talk 1: Bella Lack

For many, the climate crisis = despair. But where exactly are we? On the big picture – on policy, government action and international accord? And what can each and every one of us in our daily lives do to truly make a difference?

Bella Lack, 18 year-old climate activist, TEDX talker and colleague of Jane Goodall, as they get to grips with all this and more.

Talk 2: Professor Jim Al-Khalili, James Ball + two more speakers TBC

No one could have predicted all the many ways in which the pandemic has affected science, people and the planet. It’s been embroiled in economics, international power play, fake news and climate change. It’s taken us on a long journey, but where’s next?

Joining this panel is eminent science communicator and physicist, Prof. Jim Al-Khalili and two more very exciting scientists coming soon. Hosted by journalist and author, James Ball.

Talk 3: Professor Brian Cox & Robert Ince

From one of the biggest brains on the planet comes a conversation about the universe: about the life lessons it can teach us; and about balance and order.

Attendees of this session will receive a copy of Universal by Professor Brian Cox.

Images above: Chris Packham; Pandora Sykes

Sunday 18 July Morning 10.00 am – 1.30 pm

Living Better Together, Sustainably and More Simply

Talk 1: Julia Bradbury

One of the UK’s most loved TV presenters joins Life Lessons for a conversation about nature, mental health and conservation.

Bio: Julia Bradbury is a television presenter and outdoor walking enthusiast who has dedicated her career to sharing beautiful walks from all over the world. Passionate about conservation, she’s an eco-activist promoting a plastic-free environment.

Talk 2: Chris Packham

One of the UK’s most beloved naturalists, Chris Packham, joins life lessons to discuss conservationism, eco-activism and the little things we can do in our everyday lives to protect nature and wildlife.

Back To Nature: how to love life – and save it by Chris Packham & Megan McCubin

Talk 3: Simon Reeve

From life on the dole, to a TV presenter with over 20 series and more than 120 countries under his belt, Simon Reeve’s personal story is one of an extraordinary climb out of adversity. But his travels around the world have taught him much about community, climate change and what it means to be human. Join him for this fireside chat as he reflects on some of the greatest life lessons he’s learned in his career thus far.

Attendees of this session will receive a copy of his book – Step by Step: The Life In My Journeys

Sunday 18 July Afternoon 2.30 – 6.00pm

Overcoming Adversity and Learning from Those All-Important Life Lessons

Talk 1: Professor Christie Watson

We’ve clanged our pans for them, but do we really know the extent of what nurses do? From the nurses in the community, care-homes, military, schools and more? And how much courage it takes to care? Bestselling author and nurse of over 20 years, Christie Watson, shares her insights into the strength of the human heart in this moving and inspirational conversation.

Christie Watson is a writer and Professor of Medical and Health Humanities. She is Patron of the Royal College of Nursing Foundation. Tiny Sunbirds Far Away won the Costa First Novel Award and along with her second novel, Where Women Are Kings, was widely translated and achieved international critical acclaim. The Language of Kindness, published in 2018, was a number one Sunday Times bestseller and Book of the Year in the Evening Standard, Guardian, i, New Statesman, the Sunday Times and The Times. It has been translated into 23 languages, and adapted for theatre.

The Courage to Care: a call for compassion was published in September 2020

Talk 2: Pandora Sykes

Modern life is full of choices. But how do we know what our best life looks like? And what if we get it wrong? Join journalist, author and one half of the phenomenon, The High Low, Pandora Sykes as she explores the questions, anxieties and agendas that consume our modern lives.

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?: essays on modern life by Pandora Sykes. Published May 2021, RRP £8.99


Pandora Sykes is a journalist and broadcaster. She has written for the Sunday Times, Vogue, ELLE and the Telegraph amongst other publications, and was the co-host of The High Low, the UK’s No.1 podcast for women. She lives in London. This is her first book.

Talk 3: Claudia Winkleman

Friendship, family and the little things in life that help us get through the day… Join the nation’s beloved broadcaster, Claudia Winkleman, as she shares some of the heartfelt (and completely irreverent) lessons she’s learned from her career in showbiz and life thus far.

Ticket holders for this session will receive a copy of Claudia’s book Quite.

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Book tickets through the Life Lessons festival website. Prices vary depending which day you book and whether you’re booking a standard or a premium ticket.

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