Limerick Competition

The Chiswick Calendar has been running a Limerick competition, in partnership with the Chiswick Book Festival and Dr Sara Lodge, who gave a talk about the celebrated writer of nonsense verse Edward Lear.

I say, what a great competition,
Our readers have been on a mission
To write us some twaddle
On the Limerick model
And thus satisfy their ambition

Thanks to all of you for sending us your verse. Most of you can’t write poems which scan for toffee! (You’re not alone in this. Torin told me mine didn’t scan properly either.) But they’re good fun, and we’re really chuffed you took the trouble.

This one from Moyra Ashford has to get top marks for topicality:
Said Boris, famed author and hack
‘Your Maj, let us try a new tack,
With a little recess
I can fix this sad mess,
I’ll Brexit before they are back’.

I rather like this one from Dr Bob Turvey as well, which he promises is ‘nursery clean’!
Said a writer of limericks, “Wow!
I need to write one on a cow.”
So he tattooed the side
Of a cow, but it died.
So we’ll never know what he wrote now.

We’ve had Limericks about Yeats, Donne and Burns, Herman Melville and Harold Pinter. This one by Mary Sidney I think should have pride of place on the Book Festival website:
Chiswick’s the in place to be,
If literature’s your cup of tea.
Bookshops, there are many.
Reading groups, ten a penny,
And a festival held annually.

Our winner is Roy Kelly, who gives us this verse on Harold Pinter:
A playwright called Harold Pinter
roomed in Chiswick summer and winter.
He espoused political causes,
and wrote plays full of pauses
as quick as a prize-winning sprinter.

A book token is on its way to you sir.

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