Limerick Competition

The Chiswick Calendar is running a Limerick competition, in partnership with the Chiswick Book Festival and Dr Sara Lodge. Sara will be talking at the festival on Saturday 14 September about the work of Edward Lear, who popularised the Limerick as a type of witty short poem. You can book tickets for her session here.


We have two categories – 13 and under and 14 and over. Entries must be original. Your Limericks should feature books, writers or writing in some way. They can be joint entries and you can enter more than one, but writers of smutty Limericks will be disbarred! You have until midnight on Wednesday 18 September to submit your Limericks to: Your entry may be published in The Chiswick Calendar newsletter and on this website.


The winner of each category will receive a £10 book token. If the winner of the 14 & over category is over 18 and lives within a five mile radius of Chiswick they will also receive a bottle of Sipsmith gin.


Torin Douglas, Director of the Chiswick Book Festival has contributed his effort, pour encourager les autres!

There once was a fellow called Lear
Whose image was far from austere.
Though famed for his verse
His skills were diverse
As this new book makes admirably clear.

I’ve been reading James Hogg’s biography of Richard Briars, so here’s my attempt:

There once was an actor named Briars
Whose acting was loved in the shires.
Though known from the telly
He gave it some some welly on stage.
Now his book needs some buyers.

I look forward to receiving yours! The winners will be announced in The Chiswick Calendar newsletter on Tuesday 24 September.


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