Line of Duty – WTF?

Does anyone else feel, like me, that they need a glossary to watch Line of Duty?

I’ve been looking forward to the new series, which started on Sunday. The convoluted twists and turns of the plot lines as the police in the Professional Standards department investigate their corrupt colleagues are brilliant. But the dialogue in the new series almost makes it a parody.

My understanding is that AC12 have discovered that the COM of a UCO in an OCG has not been in touch with their operative for months and he may have gone rogue. Naturally Superintendent Ted Hastings (who, we can all agree, ‘did not float up the Lagan on a bubble’) has threatened them with Reg16s all round. But I may have got the wrong end of the PR-24 as I’m watching it on a three second delay while working out the acronyms!


AC-12 – Anti Corruption unit. (Doesn’t really exist but the Metropolitan Police anti corruption unit was originally called AC-10)


UCO – Under Cover Officer

OCG – Organised Crime Gang

PR-24 – Type of police baton stick