Livia Firth hosts ‘Green carpet’ fashion awards at Milan Fashion Week

Livia Firth’s company Eco-Age has just co-hosted the Green Carpet fashion awards in Milan, to celebrate the best in sustainable fashion.

The glittering event was attended by some of the biggest names in fashion, including Stella McCartney and Dame Anna Wintour, and celebrities Sophia Loren, Pixie Geldof and of course Livias’s husband , the actor Colin Firth.

Sophia Loren presented Valentino Garavani, founder of Valentino, with The GCFA Legacy Award ‘for his iconic work spanning over five decades, championing Italian talent, design and fashion’. The award recognised the quality and durability of his label’s creations and the legacy of these pieces being passed on for generations – the opposite of fast, disposable fashion.

“It’s a beautiful moment”

Eco-age is based in King St, Hammersmith and was set up by Livia ten years ago to ‘enable businesses to achieve growth by adding value through sustainability.’

They work with a wide range of brands, organisations and NGO’s ‘to find solutions that really make a difference to the people at the very beginning of the supply chain’ and to promote them with consumers.

Livia told the Guardian’s fashion editor Hannah Marriott that when she launched her consultancy a decade ago “it was something no one was talking about” but that now sustainable fashion had “turned a corner.”

“It is a beautiful moment” she said, “but it is also very dangerous. Fast fashion is the first offender in sustainability and there is greenwashing at a level there has never been before”.

If you want to avoid big companies making outrageous claims about their green credentials which are not true, two places to look for truly ethical fashion labels are Fair Trade International and b-corp.

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