Local election candidates for Chiswick

Labour have selected their candidates for the local elections in all three Chiswick wards. The Conservatives selected theirs weeks ago and have already been out on the streets campaigning.
Chiswick has nine councillors – three in each of Chiswick Homefields, Chiswick Riverside and Turnham Green wards. Prospective candidates don’t have to declare until April but the Lib Dems have said that they will be fielding ‘a full slate’ of three candidates in each ward and the Green Party are planning on putting forward more candidates in Chiswick than ever before.

The reason is not hard to divine. These elections are wide open in a way that they have not been for many years. In all the time I’ve lived in Chiswick we’ve had Conservative councillors, but not only that, we’ve had the same Chiswick councillors, so the result each time seemed to be pretty much a forgone conclusion.

This year will be different. Six of the current Conservative councillors are not standing for re-election. With Ruth Cadbury and Rupa Huq’s landslide victories in the General election and Brexit playing havoc with party voting, not to mention CS9 and Heathrow throwing a spanner in the works, this election should be a bit more interesting, not least in Turnham Green where two formidable women who have strong views and articulate them well, will be fighting for seats.

The Labour Party has yet to hold its Local Campaign Forum meeting, in which candidates are officially approved and endorsed, so the candidates named have been selected to run, but are are as yet ‘provisional’ candidates.

If you live in Turnham Green ward, these are your candidates from the two main parties:

Ruth Mayorcas – Labour

Ruth Mayorcas has lived in Chiswick for 44 years. “I campaign against social injustice attending marches, demonstrations, writing to MPs, Council Officers and Councillors when I see things which are happening which have to be challenged”.

She campaigns for safer cycling and has been a volunteer for the Youth Offending Service for several years. “I will campaign for better funding for Youth Centres to prevent closures such as Hogarth.”


Joanna Biddolph – Conservative

Joanna Biddolph has lived in Chiswick for 32 years. “I’m standing out of a sense of frustration” she says. “I’m irritated that Hounslow Council sees us as sources of cash rather than as residents paying for services; services that frequently fall below expectations”.

She is a self-employed reputation crisis management consultant and has previously worked in politics, lobbying and corporate communications and as an occasional journalist.



Peter Burgess – Labour

Peter Burgess is a teacher at a state comprehensive in Hammersmith.

“I daily see children’s aspirations being thwarted by educational spending cuts and exorbitant tuition fees… young people struggling to study whilst acting as carers for other family members because of the decline in healthcare services … parents who are doing their very best to give their children a start in life whilst coping with low-pay, zero hours contracts, and impossibly long working days… I now want to play my part in promoting Labour values, in helping to defend and build stronger public services.”


Ron Moshiso – Conservative

Ron Moshiso lives “the other side of Chiswick roundabout”, spent his early teens in a foster home in Chiswick and returned to work locally some years later.

“As a fostered child, I understand the importance of social care and social services. That is why I am outraged about the current proposals to cut funding for youth services”.

He is a PE Teacher at a local school, Head Coach at Old Emanuel Rugby Club and as a former professional rugby player.

John Stroud-Turp – Labour

John Stroud-Turp has lived in the Turnham Green ward for 24 years.
“For too long Chiswick has suffered from representation by Tory Councillors most of whom seem to have little interest in the needs of those who live and work in Chiswick; they seem intent on frustrating and criticising the efforts of the council rather than working constructively for a better Borough”.

If elected he says he will seek to ensure that “long term issues are addressed with sustainable solutions not short term fixes”.


Ranjit Gill – Conservative

Ranjit Gill has lived in the borough of Hounslow for nearly 30 years. As a certified accountant, he stresses the need for financial accountability.

“We need value for our money and more openness and accountability”…

“I would like to make sure that the council is responsible to all the residents in the borough and I would scrutinise whatever needs to be looked at to make sure that we get proper services and everything is accountable”.

Labour and Conservative candidates in Homefields ward



If you live in Homefields ward, these are your candidates from the two main parties:

Cllr John Todd – Conservative

John Todd has lived in Chiswick for 33 years and been councillor for Homefields for the last 12. During his time as a Councillor he has chaired the Pension Fund Panel and says he has “actively involved myself in Hounslow Council’s Audit Work, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Planning Committee, Chiswick Area Forum and others”…

“I’m fortunate to have a reputation of responding promptly to constituents and businesses alike and getting things done”.



Nick Fitzpatrick – Labour

Nick Fitzpatrick is a Homefields resident. He was a working class child who went to Oxford University and became a lawyer. “I am ashamed that the prospects for a child doing what I did from my background are worse now than when I grew up”.

“I want to get stuck into some case work” … “if (electors) want a voice on local issues, they need locally resident councillors on the ‘inside of the tent’ in a Labour local authority, not part of some rump of disgruntled Tories”.



Cllr Gerald McGregor – Conservative

Gerald McGregor has been councillor for Homefields for 14 years, specialising in Budget and Finance. He says his career as a chartered accountant has really helped him: “I am able to navigate my way through highly complex Council Budget papers and the constant demands of being a Director of Hounslow Homes. The key is to maintain a follow up – whether you are preparing case work responses or scrutinising the decisions of the administration”.


Dave Waller – Labour

Dave Waller set up the Brentford and Hounslow Stop Heathrow Expansion group a year ago with Ruth Cadbury MP.

“I have spent my life fighting to protect public services and the environment”…

“If Theresa May is allowed to go ahead with her plan Turnham Green will be under the new flightpath and the area will be blighted by aircraft noise and increased air pollution. I believe Hounslow council needs to be more vocal in its opposition to Heathrow expansion and become a champion for green economic growth”.



Patrick Barr – Conservative

Patrick Barr is a Registered General Nurse and currently works as a nurse in West London. “Previously I was a Charge Nurse in A&E and I still work in A&E as required”.

He says he will campaign for more GP surgeries locally for a growing and ageing population and will hold Hounslow Council to account with the resurfacing of roads and pavements.

He promises that if he is elected he will be “a strong advocate for the local community”.



Caoimhe Hale – Labour

Caoimhe Hale has lived in Chiswick all her life. She is a third year University of Manchester English Literature and Drama student who has been campaigning for the Labour party since she was 13.

“I want to move from the politics of protest, to the politics of action, by getting involved in the council” …

“I believe in accountability to my ward, and frank and open discourse about how to represent Labour values at a local level”.

Labour and Conservative candidates in Chsiwick Riverside ward


If you live in Chiswick Riverside ward, these are your candidates from the two main parties:

Sally Malin – Labour

Sally Malin was brought up in Chiswick in the 1950s and 60s and returned here in 2011 “to help look after my elderly mum”.

She has nearly 40 years’ experience working in the public and voluntary sectors as a social worker, adult education teacher, researcher and policy developer in criminal justice and as a leader in the NHS (she was Chair of Barnet Primary Care Trust). “I am a local person with a strong track record for getting things done”.



Cllr Sam Hearn – Conservative 

Sam Hearn has lived in Chiswick Riverside Ward for 30 years and represented it as Councillor for ten.

“I have ensured that the voice of local residents has been heard loud and clear on contentious issues such as CPZs and waste recycling. In addition I have successfully resolved a wide range of problems for individual residents.


My experience as a qualified accountant and businessman has proved invaluable on a number of key council committees”.

Tom Dragicevik – Labour

Tom Dragicevik has lived in Chiswick for 53 years and is concerned about: “the reduction of teaching staff in the local schools; the status of council housing safety in the wake of Grenfell disaster; the closure of A&E department and the reduction in number of beds in Charing Cross hospital; overdevelopment and unaffordable housing in the borough; the proposed Heathrow third runway and air pollution; the closure of the Chiswick Post Office; closure of the Chiswick Police Station and the proposed cycle superhighway via Chiswick High Road”.

He believes his background as a civil engineer would be useful in planning and the provision of services like refuse collection, traffic management and road maintenance.


Gabriella Giles – Conservative

Gabriella Giles grew up in Chiswick and came back to live and work here. “Like a pigeon, I always seem to find myself back home … why would you want to be anywhere else? As such, I have decided to run for local council, to ensure that Chiswick continues to have a strong, clear, local voice to represent its residents in Hounslow Council”.



Rakib Ruhel – Labour

Rakib Ruhel runs a business on Brentford High Street “from where I also distribute free meals to the elderly, the disabled and homeless. I provide training to young people in restaurant cuisine and cultural awareness which helps them achieve their own employment goals”…

“Because of my community work, many sick and old people come to me for help, advice and solutions to their problems”. Rakib is active in many community groups.


Michael Denniss – Conservative 

Michael Denniss has lived in Grove Park and Strand on the Green all his life. He is concerned about the “adverse consequences” of building Brentford FC’s new stadium.

He wants to ensure that “we receive the correct level of policing that we require” and to ensure that potholes are filled.

Trained as a lawyer he believes he would bring “a keen analytical mind and a wealth of experience in government” to the role of councillor.