Candidates asked to pledge support for Dukes Meadows

Dukes Meadows Trust is asking candidates standing for election in Chiswick on 3rd May to pledge support for the park and the Trust. Over 200 people have already signed a petition started just a couple of days ago, urging council candidates to do just that.

Chair, Paul Davis explained; “Local elections are in May so this is our once in 4 years chance to get support from our local councillors for the park. We, Dukes Meadows Trust, want candidates standing to know how much people value the park and want them to support it. The next few years are going to be difficult for parks everywhere, due to the budget cuts. We fear a reduction in maintenance standards and commercialisation of the park.

The Trust has done and does a lot to improve and maintain the park, we and the other clubs and organisations based here could do more, with support from our local councillors.We are inviting all the candidates to come and find out about the park and work of the trust and to meet our volunteers. We are also asking voters in Chiswick to let candidates know that they value Dukes Meadows, as a peaceful, high quality open space and want their councillors to support it and the trust, so local people can continue to use and enjoy it”.

They are asking candidates for Homefields Ward to sign three pledges. Click here to read more about the petition.