Petition to keep 533 bus route in Chiswick

A Chiswick resident has submitted a petition to Hounslow council asking them to intervene in Transport for London’s decision to stop the 533 from serving bus stops in Chiswick.

The change, which is due to come into effect from 3 July, means the bus will run as an express service between Hammersmith Bridge Road and Mortlake Cemetery. TfL says this is to provide more capacity for passengers travelling to and from the south side of the River Thames.

Adrian Haberberg, who is in his late 60s and lives along the A316, said the route was a “god send” and couldn’t understand the reasoning behind the move. He is hoping to generate enough support and awareness for the route’s planned diversion, so as to persuade the mayor’s office to reverse the change.

The 533 service was introduced following the closure of Hammersmith Bridge and stops in three locations along the A316. If the changes to the route go ahead as planned then passengers travelling from these stops will need to use the 190 route instead.

TfL are not prioritising Chiswick residents, says Adrian

Adrian told The Chiswick Calendar:

“The 533 gives us an extra bus into Hammersmith and bus services in this area are not good. We’ve got the 190 and the E3, which are both slow and unreliable, and we’ve got the 533 which is marginally less unreliable but it’s bloody fast. It’s basically one stop from the Hogarth Roundabout into the heart of Hammersmith and it’s a god send.

“In  normal times I would say that I use it twice a week to get into Hammersmith for various reasons. When I was commuting, which I don’t do anymore, if you went to the Hogarth Roundabout bus stop at about nine in the morning, you’d see a queue of people waiting to get on it, it is extremely well prized because it is so much better than the alternatives.”

Adrian says there has been no consultation about the decision divert the bus route, having only found out about the news himself when reading about it online.

“I’ve spoken with [Cllr] John Todd about it and he was supportive, saying he would refer it onto our GLA member and will also contact the relevant cabinet member in Hounslow council. But really I think it’s important that we try to show how much use and support there is for the 533 route.”

On what he would ask TfL directly if given the opportunity, Adrian said:

“I would ask them why they’re trying to get rid of something which clearly has so much demand, and I would also ask them why it is they are putting the interests of people south of the river over ours, without any consultation.”

If you would like to view Adrian’s petition, you can follow the link below:

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