Lockdown leftovers fishcakes

By Donna Freed, Writer, podcaster, translater and part of The Cookbook Festival Team.

The Cookbook Festival team have produced two festivals of cookbook authors talking about their books and demonstrating their recipes. Most of the team are themselves chefs and / or cookbook authors. Those who don’t cook professionally, just love cooking.

This is freelance journalist Donna Freed’s recipe for ‘Lockdown leftovers fishcakes’.


Leftover mashed potato
smoked mackerel
creamed horseradish sauce
black pepper
Cheddar cheese
panko breadcrumbs


Mix 2/3 mashed potato with 1/3 smoked mackerel fillets (plain or with black peppercorn) in a bowl, use sardines or pilchards or tuna or salmon in a can if you don’t have smoked mackerel. Add at least 2 heaped tablespoons of horseradish (fresh grated – activated with a little vinegar or horseradish sauce), more as you wish. You can substitute with wasabi or mustard as needed. Add loads of black pepper. Add in any herbs you have on hand: chives, wild garlic. No need for salt as the mackerel is quite salty. Form into cakes. For extra luxury and an oozing middle, press a piece of cheddar into centre of each cake.

Put flour (seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper and smoked paprika), a beaten egg and breadcrumbs onto separate plates. Dust with flour, coat with egg and then bread crumbs. Fry until golden brown. Serve with more horseradish or mustard, salad and greens.

If you don’t like horseradish, she says whole grain would be wonderful, or harissa, even tomato paste or sour cream or creme fraiche, or chipotle pepper, if you have it.

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