Thames Luminaries: 17th to 21st century – is Ham House Garden still a garden of contemporary ideas?

 Fri 12th February 2021

The Thames brought commerce and wealth to South West London, attracting royalty, aristocrats, artists, writers and wealthy property owners. The legacy of these luminaries is an area exceptionally rich in heritage buildings, gardens and landscapes. Pope’s Grotto Preservation Trust and English Heritage’s Marble Hill have organised a series of nine free virtual talks over three weeks beginning on Wednesday 27th January.  Experts will explore, explain and offer insight about a luminary, their landscape, garden and property.

Ham House Garden is part restoration and part re-creation of a c17th landscape, designed with house and garden in harmony, created to impress. This illustrated talk will consider how the garden has evolved to offer the contemporary visitor beauty and relevance while still retaining the original ideas and intentions of its creators.

The talk will be give by Rosie Fyles, Head Gardener of Ham House and Garden. Over the last five years Rosie and her team have received numerous accolades for their transformative, creative and nature-friendly gardening appearing widely in broadcast and print media. Rosie is a Trustee of Silent Space, a charity that promotes peaceful time in green spaces. More about the talk and the speaker can be found by clicking here.

Fri 12 Feb 2021,
7:00PM – 8:00PM

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