London Mayoral elections to go ahead in May

Image above: City Hall, London 

Elections in May are to go ahead in May 2021 despite Covid, the Government confirmed on Friday 5 February.

London’s Mayoral elections were postponed in May 2020 because of the pandemic, but will go ahed as planned this year, with Covid precautions in place. Polling stations will be fitted with screens and hand sanitiser; voters will have to wear masks and will be encouraged to bring their own pen and pencil.

In London we will be voting for the Mayor and the Greater London Assembly members on Thursday 6 May, dubbed ‘Super Thursday’ as in some parts of the country votes will be casting votes in as many as seven ballots.

Candidates for Mayor are the current Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for Labour, Shaun Bailey for the Conservatives, Sian Berry for the Green Party, Luisa Porritt for the Liberal Democrats and Dr Peter Gammons for UKIP.

Luisa Porrit paid a visit to Chiswick in October 2020 to meet residents and local businesses.

“Democracy should not be cancelled because of Covid”

‘Successful elections have been held around the world while the pandemic has been happening – in Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Israel, South Korea and the United States’ said a ministerial statement.

‘The United Kingdom has a world-class electoral system, delivered in each area by the statutorily independent Returning Officer. We have the utmost confidence in the ability of the Returning Officers to run these polls in a way that meets the highest standards of both public safety and democratic integrity’.

Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith said:

“Everyone who feels comfortable going to a supermarket or a post office should also feel confident attending a polling station in May. We encourage anybody who is shielding, or who would prefer not to attend a polling station, to apply for a postal or proxy vote ahead of the polls

“Democracy should not be cancelled because of Covid.”

The Government is expecting that everyone over the age of 50 who accepts vaccination will have been vaccinated by the date of the election. There are likely to be restrictions on campaigning, which have not been announced yet at time of writing.

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