Louise Kaye

About Louise Kaye

Having done a foundation course at Byam Shaw School of Art back in 1976, Louise went on to City and Guilds Art School, where she was side-tracked from painting and studied restoration of painted and gilded wood.

Louise worked as a restorer for seven years, followed by a career in marketing and then, starting in 1999, spent twenty years doing full time voluntary work.

Although she never stopped drawing and painting when on holiday, it is only in the last 12 years that Louise has really had time to devote to her first love, painting, taking delight in the texture of brushstrokes on canvas.

What Louise loves most is painting portraits from life, though she also paints still life and landscapes.  Her style is traditional but with an emphasis on being “painterly” rather than photographic. In her portraits Louise tries to capture the essence of the person, as well as an accurate likeness.

If you would like to buy any of Louise’s work, please contact her direct

Viewing by appointment.

Contact Louise at:
Email: louisenaomikaye@gmail.com
Website: louise-kaye.com

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