Lyric Hammersmith sees”unprecedented” number of auditions for FANGIRLS musical

Image above: Fangirls on stage in Australia – Photograph: Dayna Ransley

Over 2,000 people applied and 600 auditioned for the play

The Lyric Hammersmith Theatre recently hosted auditions for the Australian musical, FANGIRLS, with over 600 aspiring performers auditioning over a two-day span.

Co-produced by Sonia Friedman Productions, the sought-after auditions welcomed people without professional representation, although actors with representation could also apply through Spotlight.

The demand for the open call was “unprecedented”, with over 2,000 applications flooding in from artists across the nation, from Bristol to Aberdeen. Auditions were conducted in groups of 25, allowing participants the opportunity to showcase their singing, dancing, and acting skills before a seasoned panel of professionals.

Guiding the audition process were esteemed figures including FANGIRLS’ original and returning director, Paige Rattray, Casting Director Lotte Hines CDG, Imogen Brodie from Sonia Friedman Productions’ Head of Creative Development, and Lyric Associate Director, Nicholai La Barrie.

Unlike traditional auditions, the specific role being sought was not pre-defined, fostering an atmosphere where the attending performers could potentially influence the casting decisions for the musical’s upcoming UK premiere scheduled for July.

Image above: Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith

FANGIRLS to hit the stage in July

Rachel O’Riordan, Artistic Director & CEO of the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, said:

“Working alongside Sonia Friedman Productions and the creators of FANGIRLS, Yve Blake and Paige Rattray, to make these auditions as open as possible has not only been a delight, but – at a time when pathways into the industry might seem few and far between – also felt absolutely essential.

“A huge part of the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre’s ethos has always been to remove barriers to engagement for young people, so we’re thrilled we could offer this opportunity to over 600 people, including those not currently represented by an agency.

“FANGIRLS is a vibrant, hugely loved Australian musical. Alongside being able to mount its UK premiere, the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre and Sonia Friedman Productions wanted to give auditionees the opportunity to influence the casting process to bring the production a fresh, UK-orientated DNA. We’re excited for the next steps of the casting process and to see how these open call auditions feed into the final decisions.”

FANGIRLS hits the stage at Lyric Hammersmith from Saturday 13 July – Saturday 24 August 2024