Madeleine Walker – Reader profile

Madeleine Walker, a classical pianist, and her husband Jonathan moved to Chiswick two years ago and have particularly enjoyed the music.

“My home town Chicago is friendly, but London is more cosmopolitan and has so much good art and music. I’ve heard the best music of my life here and go to a lot of concerts. I heard the Hogarth Singers singing Bach’s Oratorio I, II and II recently and it was fantastic. There is so much high quality amateur music in local churches and fund raisers in private homes in Chiswick.

Through the newsletter I’ve discovered a whole underground movement of musicians. I use my Chiswick Calendar Club card all the time. I used it to join the Hogarth Health Club, and for restaurants like Amorosa, one of our favourites. We also use it for The Carpenters Arms and I used it at Wheelers to buy my Christmas tree, and Snappy Snaps, to buy some frames the other day.”

Come along and listen to some of Chiswick’s quality music at Jazz at the George on 7 Feb