Man jailed for raping and filming woman in Ealing

Image above: a Metropolitan Police officer, convicted rapist Hubert Greliak

A man has been sentenced for 18 years for raping and sexually assaulting a woman in Ealing while filming the offences on his mobile phone.

Hubert Greliak, 33, was also handed a restraining order against the victim, Julianna Terlizzi, at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday (12 April). He will serve 13-and-a-half years in prison with the remaining time on licence.

Greliak was previously found guilty of rape and assault by penetration at the same court on 7 January following a trial. In January 2020, Juliana – who has waived her legal right to anonymity, reported the sexual assault to police. The Local Safeguarding team immediately launched an investigation.

Once Greliak was arrested and his phone was seized, he refused to hand over the pin code. Greliak was charged in March 2020 with sexual assault, theft and failure to comply with a section 49 notice requiring him to provide his pin code.

Meanwhile the victim’s hard drive was sent off for testing and in February 2021 it revealed evidence of her rape. Greliak was further charged with rape. At the time Juliana was attacked she was in a relationship with Greliak. She said he drugged her, and he was convicted at Isleworth crown court for then raping her and filming the attack.

Greliak was bailed by the police and breached his bail conditions. The Met’s Predatory Offender Unit, a proactive safeguarding team who tackle high harm offenders, set to out find and arrest him, resulting in Greliak being fitted with an electronic tag.

Met accused of missing earlier opportunities to charge Greliak

Other women have come forward and spoken to the Guardian newspaper giving their accounts of being similarly abused by Greliak. They say the Met missed a number of opportunities to charge him sooner.

These women, who reported their own experiences to the police, say Greliak is a serial attacker and allege the force mishandled their claims. At least two women came forward and made statements to the police after Greliak’s arrest in 2020. One said she had been put off after her contact with the Met and another said police just seemed to give up on her case, with one officer making an offensive remark.

Juliana tracked down other women through social media who made claims against Greliak, stretching over 11 years. The women fear Greliak may remain a danger to women after his release from prison.

Juliana spoke to Greliak’s past girlfriends and partners and found 10 others who she said complained about his behaviour, with allegations ranging from rape and assault to controlling and abusive behaviour. One woman who alleges she was raped during a five-year relationship with Greliak says police mishandled her case.

Image above: Juliana Terlizzi – who has waived her legal right to anonymity (taken from YouTube)

Victim says Met “treated her like a criminal”

Juliana told the Guardian she became convinced as her case progressed that her attacker was breaching his bail conditions but she said police did not take her seriously:

“They said I was overreacting, overthinking things. They said I should go to the doctor and get medication.”

When it was proved she was right Greliak’s bail was revoked.

She said she was asked to give detectives access to her phones, computers and social media:

“The police treated me as a suspect and made it almost unbearable for me to support the case moving forward. It was almost as if they wanted me to give up and drop the case, which had a huge impact on my mental health.”

The Met said the victim who pressed charges was supported by specialist officers and partner agencies throughout the investigation – the specialist officer from the Sexual Offences Investigation Team was also thanked by the victim. The Judge awarded the investigating officer a Judge’s Commendation for his ‘diligence and professionalism’ throughout the trial.

Met praises victim’s bravery & insist survivors will be ‘taken seriously’

Detective Inspector Julian Crabb from West Area Command Unit Safeguarding Team said:

“We are absolutely committed to tackling all forms of violence against women and girls and are dedicated to achieving criminal justice outcomes for victim-survivors as we have in this case.

“The victim bravely went through the ordeal of a trial and thanks to both her compelling evidence and the work of the investigation team, we were able to put this man behind bars for a long time.

“Greliak is a dangerous and manipulative individual. He has showed no remorse or guilt for his disturbing and destructive actions. I sincerely hope the victim can begin to achieve closure and focus on the future.

“Investigations into rape and sexual assault are often complex, and I am pleased the investigating officers’ actions were commended by HH Judge Hammerton. I hope this gives survivors of sexual violence the confidence to come forward and report to police.”

The Met urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault to report it directly to police on 101 or via their website (

The Met say survivors’ allegations will always be taken seriously by officers and victims will be fully supported.

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