Mark Wardell Marketing – Free websites for charities

7 October, 2020 / by Matt Smith

Images above: Chiswick Flower Market website, designed by Mark Wardell

Mark Wardell is a website developer who builds websites for charities for free. He’s not a student trying to establish his credentials, or a billionnaire with time on his hands. His is a ‘normal’ website development business, for which he charges regular businesses the going rate, but he just decided that this was one good thing that he could do for the local community, so he does.

Images above: Chiswick Lifeboat; Hounslow Cycling campaign, websites designed by Mark Wardell

The best things in life are free

“A free website?” I hear you say, you’re not the only one who thought it sounded too good to be true.

“It actually was quite hard to give away free websites. I wasn’t really getting anywhere because everybody thought I was just crazy.” Mark told The Chiswick Calendar.

“I would go to a charity and say ‘would you like a free website?’ and they would go ‘well, how much is it?’.

This meant that Mark only had a couple of websites up and running for charities in his first three to four years of operating.

Then, through working with Chiswick resident and prominent community organiser, Karen Liebreich, on her community project Abundance LondonMark was introduced to several different organisations that he could help out.

“Now I get a regular chain of charities to work with. I wouldn’t say it’s snowballed, but it’s now comfortable enough to manage. Now I don’t have to go chasing people down.”

Among his not for profit clients are the Chiswick Flower Market, Chiswick Pier Trust, Chiswick Lifeboat and Hounslow Cycling Campaign.

Images above: Abundance London’s pumpkin picking and cherry picking projects

Mark set up his business, Mark Wardell Marketing, in Brentford in 2009. He describes it as “an independent business which provides business owners and senior managers with the tools ‘to greatly improve the chances of being found online’.”

He works mostly with businesses in Brentford and the surrounding areas of Chiswick, Ealing, Twickenham and Richmond. He also works with people throughout London and the South East, but the majority of the business is local.

If you’re a charity, social enterprise or non-profit organisation in west London, and you need to boost your online presence, then Mark is the man for you. He offers exactly the same WordPress website development service as his business clients – completely free of charge.

‘No more blisters or standing about in the rain’

Mark has a couple of people working with him, an assistant and a designer, but he’s mostly in charge of running the business himself.

“Technically I’m a Limited company but I’m more of a one-man-band.”

He has always donated and raised money for charities, but what led to these new, virtual acts of kindness?

“It goes back to me doing a charity walk, I think it was 2012, which was 100k along the Thames – so a really stupid thing to do” said Mark.

“Got about 10k towards the end and we’d stopped for a break and I just told myself then and there in so much pain and suffering: never do anything like this again – ever. And it kind of stuck with me but I thought that I should do something for charity but didn’t know what.”

“Now I don’t have to stand in the rain with a charity collection box, I’ve got all the set up that I need right here.”

If you’d like to contact Mark about creating a website for your organisation, or would just like more information, you can follow the link to his website below: