Marmalade Jewellery completes six million steps challenge

Image above: Jewellery shop Marmalade on Turnham Green Terrace

Marmalade team walk a total of 3,045 miles for charity

Staff at Marmalade jewellery have successfully completed their walking challenge for charity, ‘arriving’ two days ahead of schedule after virtually covering 3,045 miles over the course of three months.

The challenge involved six team members from Marmalade, who walked an average of over 12,000 steps each day for 90 consecutive days.

Had they walked in a straight line their journey would have taken them from Chiswick to Seville and back, a journey they say tested their endurance and commitment.

The charity walk raised a substantial amount of money, over £10,000, to support the The Upper Room, a local charity dedicated to providing hot meals and support to those in need within their community.

The £10,000 raised by Marmalade’s team will help in providing more than 12,000 hot meals to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Image above: Graphic showing the impact of the money raised by Marmalade; images of the work carried out by The Upper Room

Team “over the moon” after passing milestone

After they had passed their milestone the team from Marmalade, led by husband and wife Simon and Nadine, said:

“As you can imagine we are over the moon with this result – the challenge was so much harder than we all anticipated when we started, but to raise so much money is simply beyond our wildest dreams.

“We had loads of fantastic encouragement and support from our co-workers, clients, friends and the jewellery trade.

‘There are too many individual donations from supportive and generous clients to name them all, but you know who you are and are and The Upper Room and their clients thank you – you’ve made a positive impact on your community.

“We know our hard work and all the generosity of our benefactors will be put to amazing use and will help change the lives of those most in need.

“It’s inspiring to live and work in a community where people are quick and generous to respond to challenges and requests such as these.”