Mary Macleod, the Conservative candidate for Brentford & Isleworth says the Conservative manifesto provides “a national plan for a stronger economy, better services and safe and thriving communities.”

Commenting on the differences between Labour’s manifesto and that of the Conservatives, she said: “The Conservative Party manifesto identifies the major challenges facing our nation and skillfully blends policies that will benefit all of us though a prosperous economy, better services and a stronger community. The biggest challenge facing us all is the negotiations with the EU, and the manifesto identifies the approach the country needs to take to build a stronger, fairer more prosperous Britain.

“The success of our economy after Brexit will determine our ability to continue the investment in the NHS, schools and other services. The manifesto sets out how this prosperity will be delivered while also detailing plans for an increased investment of £8 billion into the NHS and £4 billion into schools in real terms. But alongside the investment, the manifesto provides the long-term blue-print for how we must adapt to an ageing population and manage social care so it continues to be available to all and affordable to the nation.

“It is a manifesto that is tough on crime and sets out measures, for example, for the reduction in re-offending while also protecting us from new forms of digital crime that increasingly plague us. It is also rightly tough on protecting the NHS with plans to protect it from the abuse of health tourism.

“The manifesto also deals with issues that are personally important to me. On women’s issues, it seeks to end the gender pay-gap while also pledging investment for more shelters for victims of domestic violence. It outlines plans to tackle air pollution and to improve our environment – issues that are extremely important here in West London. And for our businesses, it sets out an approach to encourage the fast-growing businesses that are so important to our future.

“In all, the manifesto provides a national plan for a stronger economy, better services and safe and thriving communities.”