May 29 update from the EFL on Covid-19

At its meeting on Wednesday, 27 May, having carefully considered submissions from clubs, the EFL Board agreed to progress with the proposed framework it outlined on Thursday 21 May in respect of changes to EFL Regulations in the event season 2019/20 is curtailed in any EFL division. At the same time as advising on its proposed approach last week, the EFL Board had asked clubs to give it appropriate consideration and provide any feedback. Communications were submitted from clubs across all divisions and those proposals, some of which have been made available publicly, suggested how the framework in the event the season is ended prematurely could alternatively work.

The EFL Board has to date been consistent in its approach that playing out the remainder of season 2019/20 when it is safe to do so, is the preferred position. Whilst the Championship have advised of their intentions to resume fixtures, League Two clubs have indicated their preference to curtail the season. At present clubs in League One are still undecided.

A decision on whether or not to curtail the season is a matter to be considered by clubs in any affected division, but only once a framework for resolving open issues in such circumstances has been agreed by all members across all divisions through a regulation change. After a full and comprehensive review of the club submissions, alongside consideration of views stated at the club meetings of 13 and 15 May 2020, the EFL Board unanimously agreed to continue with the original approach and is now proposing to call a meeting of clubs on Monday 8 June to consider and, if thought fit, approve the proposals to introduce the regulation change.

The EFL Articles allow clubs the opportunity to propose amendments to regulations and should any club wish to propose an alternative, it must do so by submitting such a proposal by no later than 2pm on Tuesday, 2 June. The EFL will issue any notice of meeting later that day.  Any such club proposals will be considered at the same meeting as the EFL Board’s proposal.

In addition to the statement, the EFL issued the following Tweet: