May local elections – List of candidates for Hounslow published

Image above: sign to a polling station in Chiswick

The full list of candidates for the upcoming 2022 local elections in the London Borough of Hounslow has been published.

On 5 May, voters will have the opportunity to choose their representatives for the next four years. In LB Hounslow, a total of 172 candidates will be battling it out for 62 seats across 22 wards. This is a change from the last election where there were 60 seats available in 20 wards.

The Labour Party is putting forward 62 candidates, while the Conservative Party is offering up 61 candidates. There are also 26 Green candidates and 20 Liberal Democrats standing for office. Riverside Conservative councillor Sam Hearn, who was reelected for a fourth term in 2018, is retiring from representing Chiswick this year.

Streetspace measures put to the test

The election will be the first major test of pubic opinion in Chiswick since the Labour-run council implemented various controversial Streetspace schemes, Cycleway 9 and Low-Traffic Neighbourhood schemes, which has polarised residents.

Hounslow has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, with many job losses resulting from the drop in traffic through nearby Heathrow Airport. The effectiveness of LB Hounslow’s pandemic recovery schemes and its general leadership during the pandemic will likely be scrutinised by voters across the borough.

Labour think they have a chance in Chiswick

Currently there are 50 councillors who were elected representing the Labour Party and 10 Conservatives. National polling and voting patterns at the time of the Mayoral elections May local elections – List of candidates for Hounslow published increase the proportion of seats it holds. All nine seats in Chiswick are held by Conservatives.

In Chiswick 52% population voted for Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan in the London wide elections last year.

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Image above: redrawn map of Hounslow’s wards in 2022

Green – Lib Dem pact

The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats are not fielding candidates against each other in two wards in the borough – Chiswick Gunnersbury and Brentford West, in the hopes of strengthening their chances to get their candidates elected.

List of candidates

The list of candidates for Chiswick is as follows:

Chiswick Gunnersbury Ward: Joanna Biddolph (Con); Helen Cross (Lib Dem); Will Francis (Lib Dem); Ranjit Gill (Con); Johanna Guppy (Lib Dem); Hanif Khan (Lab); Ron Mushiso (Con); Uday Nagaraju (Lab); Emma Yates (Lab)

Chiswick Homefields Ward: Martin Bleach (Green); James Charrington (Lib Dem); Mark Cripps (Lib Dem); Leigh Edwards (Lib Dem); Jonathan Elkon (Green); Jack Emsley (Con); Astrid Hilne (Green); Saroosh Khan (Lab); Mukesh Malhotra (Lab); Gerald McGregor (Con); John Todd (Con); Olivia Uwechue (Lab)

Chiswick Riverside Ward: Gurbachan Athwal (Lab); Andrea Black (Green); Melvin Collins (Lab); Amy Croft (Lab); Guy de Boursac (Lib Dem); Gabriella Giles (Con); Bill Hagerty (Green); Elly Lewis-Holmes (Green); Charles Rees (Lib Dem); Peter Thompson (Con); Sebastian Wallace (Con).

For the full list of candidates for the whole of Hounslow, see here:

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